Chance me for some top-tier schopls

<p>Hey guys! I am a Senior at an American High School in Izmir, Turkey. I have already applied but i just want to learn what you think that'll happen. I have already posted a thread but this time I changed schools.</p>

<p>Schools I'll be applyıng next year (excluding safeties):</p>

UC Berkeley
UChicago (Applying early)

<p>Some facts:</p>

<p>SAT: Took once, 2320
IB Student: 42/45
Rank: %5
GPA: 5.0/5.0 (the best you can get in the Turkish Education System)
SAT Subject Scores: Maths 2: 800 Literature: 780 World History: 780
Will ask for financial aid</p>

President of the Student Council FOR 1 year and treasurer for 2 years
Played drums for 5 years, taken part at a lot of exhibitions
Tennis for eight years: Won some local tournaments, third place in a national competition
Sailing competitively for 5 years some local championships
Playing basketball for 11 years, I have been playing in a team and I'm the starting point guard at both the club and the school team
Been debating and won the Turkish Debating League for high schoolers
Junior Achievement (a business contest) best International Business Award
Destination Imagination second place in Turkey, participated in the Global Round
I have volunteered in an Animal Shelter here for 100+ hours
English at a very high level, French and Spanish at a high level and of course Turkish
I have been in the MUN for 8 years (including JMUN) I have participated in International ones and I was the chair twice.
I am the treasurer of the school magazine
Have been accepted to and participated in Harvard Summer School
Went to Cambridge for a summer to be in a program for the leaders of the future</p>

<p>I, with the helps of some sponsors and Turkish Ministry of Education, started and directed a program that lasted 2 months. I handled all the directing and money-stuff as well as giving lessons myself. In the program, we gave writing and literature lessons, had small debate-shows, read books and discussed them in order to strenghten the Literate ground and help pupil do something good for themselves. All these were free of charge and were for kids who are less fortunate. Program was a huge succes: People who had started the program were given a test and they scored 62% on average. After the program, the average was as high as 88%!</p>

<p>My class rank may seem low but please consider that my school only takes students from 95 percentile of a national exam of academics.</p>

<p>Thanks for chancing!</p>

<p>Berkeley might be tough for financial aid as an international student. Your admission chances are pretty good at all of those colleges, but they are competitive for even the strongest applicants, and most of them are pretty stingy about financial aid for international students. Private colleges are usually better than public ones. </p>

<p>I heard Amherst was need blind. Thanks for the answer</p>


<p>Bump </p>

<p>There are only 6 need blind schools that meet full need of int’l student in the US.</p>


<p>That’s it. If you need aid, that’s where you have to aim. All of those schools will be reaches, but you might have a shot.</p>

<p>Wow, if this is my competition I’m screwed :')</p>

<p>Cornell: Reach
UC Berkeley: You may get in, but you might not get any FA
UChicago (Applying early): High reach
Duke: Reach
Northwestern: Reach
UPenn: Reach
NYU: Low reach/High match, but they are VERY stingy with FA
Good Luck!</p>

<p>Can you chance me back?
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