Chance me for St. Olaf please!

I’m a junior and I really want to go to St. Olaf but I’m just a little nervous about getting in because of my GPA, it would be awesome if you could estimate my chances of getting in!
My GPA is a 3.35 and waited it’s around a 3.75, I’ve taken mainly IB classes since Sophomore year.
My SAT score is 1330
I’ve been in a very selective Choir since the age of eight. We have toured the Baltic States and are going to a very selective choral competition in Wales.
I have around 130 hours of community service by tutoring kids from underfunded elementary schools
I am the President of Feminism Club at my school
I am in Human rights club at my school
I am on the regional debate board of the Junior State of America association which is the largest student run organization in the United States
I am also a teen fashion ambassador for Nordstrom
I also volunteered for a mayoral election last summer and I plan to volunteer on another campaign this summer
I also helped plan a lot of walkout/marches in relation to gun control at my school
I have volunteered for several events for registering people to vote
Thanks so much for helping!

Looking at their admitted students profile, I think your chances are very strong. Although your GPA is a bit on the lower side, your SAT is in the range and you have solid extracurriculars. Write great essays and you are a shoe in. If there is no financial concern, consider applying Early Decision. Early decision is binding, however the acceptance rate increases from 40% to 80%, which is a dramatic difference. Good luck!

I think part of the beauty of the small LAC’s is that they genuinely care about the type of student they are getting. You are doing well in challenging courses, have a good test score, and are active in the community. You sound like a perfect fit!

LACs use holistic review to determine an applicant’s admissions worthiness. As another poster noted, the GPA is a bit on the low side, and St. Olaf has become much more selective recently (41% for 2017, 36% for 2015). But your SAT score is in line, and your ECs look solid. I’m also guessing that St. Olaf is a target because of its excellent music program/participation options? Your strong interest and experience in choir would be attractive to the St. Olaf admissions committee, I would think.