Chance Me for St. Olaf?

I’m applying to St. Olaf for a double major in French and vocal performance. I would have applied ED but I want to have the chance to do a live music audition in addition to doing a video audition (which I also noted).

GPA: 4.? I’m still waiting on final grades that’ll push it higher.
at this point, I think I’m ranked 23 out of 173 in my class
ACT: 30 composite, 31 superscored
no AP classes, but I have completed over 31 hours of college credit
member of NHS
member of Rotary Interact
volunteered for the Democratic Party during the midterms
volunteer with multiple local organizations
fabulous letters of recommendation
4 year member of All-State Choirs
2-time Outstanding Soloist
recipient of the Kiwanis Club Arion Award

worked part-time sophomore, junior, and some of senior year

I transferred high schools for my senior year, but I don’t think that’ll have a big effect on my app? I explained why I transferred, and it was for valid reasons.

I’ve also toured the campus, interviewed with an admissions officer, and indicated my serious intent to attend.

You should be good. St. Olaf has become more competitive in recent years, but its average GPA for the most recent year on file over at CollegeData is 3.67 (UW) and the average ACT is a 29 (with a 25-31 middle 50% range).

True, stats tell only half the story, and for application to an LAC, I’d argue that perhaps half is too high! St. Olaf will definitely look at your application holistically. You’ve visited. You’ve had the admissions interview. You worked part time (something most of St. Olaf kids did not do), and a part-time job looks very good to admissions people at selective colleges.

I’d say your overall profile seems solid, and you have a good answer to the no APs issue. If you are female, the acceptance rate last year was much higher (56%) than men (32%), yet the school has a somewhat female-leaning (56/44 F/M) student body, so you’d think that more men would be accepted. What do I know?