Chance me for Stanford Class of 2022?

Hi again! I just wanted an individual thread to get chanced for Stanford (yes the iconic school). I’m not a perfect student and I’ve gotten B’s but Stanford is an amazing school and I believe it’s a good fit for me.

-GPA : Weighted: 95 Unweighted: 92 (AP classes are only 8 points towards your gpa at my school)
-SAT: 1510
-Class Rank: Top 10%
-Endorsement (If you live in Texas you understand): STEM (ask me if you want to know more)
-Race: African-American/First-Generation born in America (Nigerian)
-Major Awards: NSDA Distinction Degree, AP Scholar, Outstanding Congressperson, and Honor Roll
Any other hooks: Parents just got divorced, been alone living with my mom for 3 years/ Single parent household (Motivated me to keep going and keep pushing although my mom makes good income, we struggled a lot together) My dad is a small business owner and his shop was a target of the Ferguson riots in 2014 (i’m going to write my essay about that hehe)

13 AP’s and 6 Honors

AP Bio
AP US History
AP Human Geo
AP English Lit
AP English Lang
AP Statistics
AP Calc AB
AP World History
AP Physics 1
AP Environmental Science
AP Psych
AP Macroeconomics
AP Government

Major: Community Health Prevention and International Relations or Public Policy

-Debate team. My events were Domestic Extemp and Congressional Debate where I went to state in both my junior year. Also did Informative Speaking didn’t go to state for it (Member of NSDA) I will most likely be a captain next year as well.

-President of National Honor Society: I really wanted this spot because I get to give a speech at graduation which I know is kind of low. One of my biggest accomplishments because I am in love with service and everything that has to do with community. This was really important to me and I wanted to make my mother happy.

-Created a Club known as Girl Up which raises money for the United Nations for Girls all over the world (President). Far most one of my biggest accomplishments ever! I really love Girl Up and it’s extremely important to me and my little baby, that I nourished! One of the supported girls all over the world.

-Started an annual drive at our school that collects pads, tampons, and other stuff for women at Haven for Hope a local homeless shelter in our city.

-Created an annual color run called: A Walk For Her was one open to the whole city. We raised about 1,000 dollars and over 150 people showed.

-Started a girl’s camp over the summer that has different activities for girls at my school that talk about careers and getting in touch with who you want to be called #GirlsCan. We raised a lot of money and ended up sending it to the United Nations and other small companies like Built By Girls and Girls Who Code that help teenage girls out.

-I plan to become a Girl Up teen advisor for next year

-Youth Community Outreach Leader for church; I organize all the community service activities and clothing distributions that youth in the church does. Also super important to me and I loved it so much! We revamped a clothing distribution at our church and it was super successful. Clothing distribution linked up with the food distribution as well. I love it we’ve done a lot as a group of youth

-Volunteered over the Summer at Haven for Hope tutoring kids and also at my local hospital.

-Round Table (We talk about Social Issues and problems) linked up with Girl Up and made a culture fest at my school.

-Play piano for church every Sunday (I’ve been playing it for a while like 8 years)

-Was in schools Orchestra for two years. Was second chair/first stand led orchestra to sweepstakes at UIL. Did Solo and Ensemble where I received the highest ranking freshman year

Teacher REC’s thinking about getting
Bio Teacher - 10/10 sponsor of my club she’s a GTown alumni
Principal - she knows me very well and I think it would be a good letter
English Teacher - knows me and is aware of my personality

yes you should have an above average chance. visit the school if you can and apply ED. But temper expectations it is the most selective school in the world.


You have solid credentials and hooks, like the poster above said - an above average chance.

Just reading ur post was fun to do you should have a good shot… Make sure your story comes out in ur essays!
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