Chance Me for Stanford, Columbia, UPenn, UC Berkeley

Hi Guys :slight_smile:

Reposting due to getting no replies.

Just starting college apps now and would like some suggestions on where to apply and what my chances are for my dream schools like Stanford and Columbia. Rising Senior.

Intended Major: Computer Science and Mathematics
Intended Minor: Business
Personal Details: Asian Male :frowning:
Location: Washington
Financial Aid: No need for financial aid

3.97 GPA (UW); 4.5+(W)
HG(4), WH(4), Stats(5), Chem(5), Lang(4), USH(5), Calc AB(5), CS Prin (5), CSA(5), Psych(5).
ACT: 35, essay 10
PSAT: 1470 (will likely get Semi-finalist due to predicted cutoff)
Subject Tests: Math II (800); Chemistry (800); Physics (800)


  • Worked as Camp Counselor for Kiwanis Camp Casey (336 hrs).
  • Varsity Tennis Player (3 years so far) + Team Captain (senior year) + Districts Champion and State competitor
  • Created a small non-profit organization called Lib Tutors (donated money to needy organizations)- Initially was a platform through which people from my area could get free tutoring from people from my high school. This offered online summer classes (corona) and also one-on-one tutoring through discord. Before school starts, we will integrate with our school's National Honor Society in the form of a club offering service events so we can open our services to anyone at Liberty. Lib Tutors became a fairly popular tool used by my high school.
  • Worked as a paid math, computer science, and chemistry tutor for family friends and peers. A job that took quite a bit of time. (I hope admissions officers take this into account).
  • Completed two online courses.
  • Introduction to Computer Science Course from Harvard University (CS50).
  • Astrophysics Course from EdX (ANUx's Astrophysics XSeries).

PR Officer for National Honors Society

Science Olympiad for two years

Patriot Crew - helps freshmen get oriented (minor activity)

  • Will be president of Lib Tutors club once school begins (extends Lib Tutors organization)
  • Will participate in a neuroscience camp at the University of Washington in a few days. Called YSP-Reach (Center for Neurotechnology Virtual REACH Program).


You probably didn’t get replies because there isn’t much anyone can say. You have great stats and should be proud of what you have accomplished. It’s the truth is all of your schools are super high reaches for everyone. What you have done is make it so your application gets read because you have cleared the stats portion of the hurdle and while there are no red flags, plenty of students with perfect stats get rejected from all of these schools all the time. Find yourself a safety that you love and would be happy to attend just in case.

You did get some replies, if what you are talking about is the thread with a couple dozen reach schools listed?

definitely apply ED to your top choice, since most schools are expecting a lot less early applications than they would normally recieve this year

definitely apply ED to your top choice, since most schools are expecting a lot less early applications than they would normally recieve this year

@CollegePanda12 ,
between CU and Stan, I would apply EA to Stanford.
You need a stand out essay to show that you are not typical … your EC doesn’t help you in this aspect, sorry to point this out.
UC Berkeley, you have a better chance.

As for UT Austin, U Wash you have great chance. U Mich you still have a shot.