Chance Me For Stanford, MIT, Ivies, UCs as a CS and Engineering applicant and International applicant

Ok, so my stats are:

ACT: 34
GPA: 98/100
APs: 21 all self studied all 5s and 4s


  1. Did some research and got it published with a university
  2. Wrote a novel, an AP Biology textbook, AP CS Principles textbook, and an AP CS A textbook.
  3. Vital leadership positions in Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, and Robotics teams/clubs. I got the 4 clubs to work together and make robots for biological purposes that we sent to robotics competitions and we won a few.
  4. Leader of coding club, and I established a non-profit called CodeForFree with the team where members would give free 1on1 tutoring sessions on a coding language with kids.
  5. I have been on Student Parliament all 4 years and I am now Student Body President.
  6. I am the leader of my school’s HOSA, and also established a program to teach children about basic anatomy at elementary schools.
  7. I run a successful web-developing business and have made apps to assist people with the ACT and APs.
  8. I have a podcast on the anatomy, physiology, diseases of the cardiovascular system that also offers nutritional advice that ended its 4th/last season last year.
  9. I am a fencer and have won many tournaments, local and national.
  10. I am the leader and founder of my school’s Volunteer Squad and have gotten over 50+ places for us to volunteer while also getting our names in the newspapers.

Honours and Awards:

  1. National AP Scholar (Canada)
  2. TD community service scholarship
  3. I ranked well in the Canadian Biology Olympiad and placed into the International Biology Olympiad and also ranked well.
  4. Ranked well on the Canadian Computing Contest.
  5. I got the opportunity to be in MIT’s Research Science Institute.

As you can see, I was heavily involved in STEM, but I am applying to competitive schools with highly intelligent applicants, and my majors are competitive as well as being an International applicant. However, any feedback is helpful.

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