Chance me for Stern?

<p>SAT I (by section): Should I take it?
SAT IIs: I'm thinking about taking Math II
ACT: 35 (E: 35, M: 36, R: 36, S: 32, Essay: 10)
APs: Calculus AB, Microecon, Macroecon, US Gov't, Comparative Gov't, Human Geography
GPA: 3.75 unweighted, 3.89 weighted

<p>ECs: Tennis (Varsity, Captain), National Honor Society (Exec Board), Model United Nations, Student Investment Club (VP), History Club (VP), Student Investment Club, Ping Pong Club, Internship for Rick Snyder's Gubernatorial campaign</p>

<p>Job/Work Experience: ~15 hours a week at a Banquet Hall for wedding receptions
Senior year classes:
AP Calculus BC
AP Spanish
AP Statistics
Honors Physics
Honors Humanities I and II (class on the Classics)
Volunteering: A lot through NHS, 30+ at the Ann Arbor Veteran's Hospital, 200+ hours at Rick for Michigan Campaign Office</p>

<p>State: Michigan
School Type: Public
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Male</p>


<p>Wait you're not president of tHe world and you don't have a 5.9 GPA?? You'll never get in</p>