Chance me for Swarthmore?

white girl from suburb of Boston, mediocre public school
SAT: 1550 (780 EBRW, 770 math)
SAT II: 770 lit, 760 math level 2, 750 physics
AP classes/exams taken: Lang (5), Lit (5), APUSH (5), BC Calc (5 w/ AB subscore 5), Micro (5)
AP classes this year: Psych, Stats, Physics 1 and 2
GPA weighted: 5.23
GPA unweighted: 4.0 probably, my school doesn’t calculate it

also took a philosophy class at Brandeis University this semester, which isn’t on my high school transcript, but I got an A+ in that

recommendations should be pretty good, I think?


  • choir all four years, voice lessons, etc (sending in a music portfolio)
  • treasurer of the NHS
  • leader of a social justice club
  • member of a teen dating violence prevention organization
  • volunteered for a couple local/state campaigns
  • captain of the quiz show team (stupid but we made it to TV so!)
  • co-president of math circle/math league
  • student representative on a couple different administration committees
  • summer job at a history museum
  • drama club all four years

as for awards, I got my school’s Principal’s Book Award, I’m an AP Scholar w/ Distinction, and this isn’t academic but my city’s Democratic party is naming me Hero of the Year for my volunteer work w/ the club at school and city council campaigns

I haven’t visited Swarthmore or interviewed, so I’m worried. but yeah, thoughts?

Swarthmore could be a very good place for you. As you may know, the quality of the education at top lacs is probably the best out there. Kids who have done their research and determined the are a cultural fit at one of these schools are often super happy. Swarthmore is super progressive, super academic and very supportive. With your background if you apply ed i’d say you have a decent shot. Your ecs are a little light. Compensate with terrific messaging in your app.

thank you!

I don’t think your EC’s are light at all and I think you will get in deservedly.

You should read the first few entries on the ‘why it’s so difficult to get into school that accept less than 15%’ post

Are you applying RD?