Chance me for T3, Thanks!

Currently a junior; will apply for fall 2021
GPA 4.0/4.0 at a T5 undergrad school
STEM major
Haven’t taken the LSAT but my first diagnostic was 166. Plan to spend a ton of time studying for it
Summer intern at a lab at SLS

Do you mean fall 2022? Do you mean “Chance you for HYS”? If so, you should aim for a LSAT score of 175+. Applications for law school are through the roof this year, especially ones with a 170+ LSAT score.

Sorry, I thought that “applying for year X” means that “I fill out the application in year X”. Thanks for the suggestion! I haven’t started studying for the LSAT yet. Just took a diagnostic. Will try my best to raise my score.

HLS is the most quantitative of the three. In other words, your GPA+LSAT beat all other things by far. The other two require other stuff on your resume, in addition to great numbers.

Consider applying after graduation during a gap year when you can do something interesting.

Harvard has a junior deferral program. You can apply for law school between March 1 and July 1 of your junior year, i.e. this year. You would need an LSAT or GRE score.

Note that the ‘deferral’ program at HLS requires you to go do something else for 2 years before beginning classes at HLS.

There is a strong move away from accepting law students straight out of undergrad, especially in the top tier. Average age of incoming students at YLS is 25 and only 14% came straight from undergrad; for HLS less than 20% are straight from undergrad.