Chance me for TAMS Computer Science

Hello. I am a Freshman attending a 3A school in rural North Texas. I am highly interested in the TAMS Computer Science track, and I would like to know if my test scores, extracurriculars, etc, are on par.

7th grade course load

Advanced English
Advanced Pre-Algebra
Advanced Science
Texas History
TMSCA (prep for competition)
**These advanced classes were the only ones offered at my school; I received a grade of 95 or higher in all of my classes

8th grade course load 

Technology/Health (switch at semester)
Advanced US History
Advanced Algebra
Advanced English
Advanced Science
TMSCA (prep for competition)
**95 or higher

9th grade course load (so far)

Advanced Biology
Advanced World Geography
UIL Computer Science/Mathematics (every other day)
Dual Credit: Learning Frameworks/Music Appreciation (will switch at semester)
Advanced English
Advanced Geometry
**95 or higher at semester (currently between semesters for winter break)

ACT (so far)

Mathematics: 18
Reading: 32
English: 33
Science: 24
Composite: 26
**These scores are from Duke TIP in 7th grade. I did not know most of the mathematics that were covered at the time. I will retake this test in February. I am also considering taking the SAT next year (sophomore year).

Extracurricular Activities
  • TMSCA (15th at state general science & 42nd at state calculator applications 7th grade; qualified for state general science 8th grade but was cancelled due to COVID-19; competing in mathematics this year)

  • UIL (competing in computer science and mathematics this year)

  • Animation (submitting digital animation for UIL film this year)

  • Robotics (main programmer this year)

  • Marching/Concert Band (sousaphone/tuba)

  • ATSSB tuba (made all-region and trying out for all-area this year)

  • NJHS

  • Co-leader Austin-Texas Chapter Codecademy (not through school; should I include this in my application?)

Hello. If anyone is a TAMS alumni, current student, or just knows a lot about their standard for admission, I would really appreciate your input.

Hello. I know I posted this around the holidays, so it was an inconvenient time for most people. If anyone has experience with the TAMS admissions process, please give me some feedback.

Finally! A post that I can answer! Hello @rice_is_life777. I’m a current TAMS Senior in the CS track here at Northern Texas Academy. You have similar stats to myself when I first applied. If you do really well in the interviews, you’ll have a great chance to succeed at TAMS. If you have any more questions, please let me know.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been pretty nervous. Do you know anything about the music program at TAMS? I play the tuba at my current high school and I’m reluctant to give it up.

@rice_is_life777 I have no idea about the music program. I’m currently not a part of it. I’ve been busy with my other EC’s. Are you asking about the Music track at TAMS? Or just if we have like a band/orchestra?

More to the point, it was posted on the wrong section. I’ve moved it to the correct place.

Just band/orchestra. I’m interested in CS track, not Music track.

Oh sorry, I wasn’t sure where to put it.