Chance me for Texas A&M, Virginia Tech, Rice, UVA, and Brown?

<p>I know Ivy admissions are a crapshoot for even people with 4.0/2300s, so it's hard to predict those, but I'm just curious how much of a chance you guys think I stand, however remote. (And I DO know it's remote, so no crushed dreams here.)</p>

<p>-Texas, female, white</p>

<p>-3.9 GPA (3.3 UW)</p>

<p>-Rank: 127/950ish</p>

<p>-2080 SAT (710 CR, 580 M, 790 W) (plan on retaking since on practice tests I generally scored higher)</p>

<p>-Taking the ACT in June</p>

<p>-Intended Major: Aerospace Engineering</p>

<p>-Will participate in NROTC, my goal is to be an officer in the Navy (I know Brown doesn't have it)</p>

<p>-Essays: topics aren't up yet, but they will be original and probably pretty good</p>

<p>-Recs: counselor rec should be generic since she's new and our school is pretty big, so she doesn't know anyone very well. I expect my other recs to be good, but I won't be looking at them.</p>

<p>-ECs: Band (all years of high school), Academic Decathlon (junior and senior year), NHS (senior year, earliest you can join), teaching Russian and Esperanto</p>

<p>-Major awards: Region Honor Band sophomore-senior year, State Band senior year (hopefully!), State Solo and Ensemble competition on a solo freshman and senior year, many regional awards for AD, state level essay award for AD, possibly one of ten first place winners in a national scholarship essay contest, several published articles.</p>

<p>-Freshman/sophomore/junior courseload: Always advanced classes if available. 5/22 were not advanced. 5 were AP.</p>

<p>-Senior courseload: 5 APs (gov, econ, music theory, euro, physics) and three electives.</p>

<p>-Hooks: child of a single parent, first generation college student</p>

<p>-Income bracket: Not entirely sure, but pretty darn low.</p>

<p>I understand that my GPA and rank are dismally low and that my SAT score is (currently) not much better. I have always had a problem with my school district and learning things I'm simply not interested in - the subject of the published articles - but I generally excel in classes with interesting subject matter, which is why I think college will yield far better grades for me. I do a lot of independent study and projects outside school. (I have taught myself two foreign languages to a level of near fluency.) Not that this excuses my poor performance in school at all, but I was planning on incorporating my love of learning in to a college essay.</p>

<p>Anyway, chance me for Texas A&M, Virginia Tech, Rice, UVA, and Brown? I know basically all but the first two are extreme reaches, but I'm interested in seeing how much of a stretch you guys would say it is.</p>

<p>Hey Jessica,</p>

<p>Esperanto really makes you stand out. Probably in at VTech, and match at UVA, since OOS pays double, so they might enjoy that. Texas A&M is difficult to say -- lots of top 10% will be filling up spaces quickly. Brown is a reach (like all Ivies), and I'm not too certain as far as Rice goes -- try it.</p>

<p>Kak tam u tebya s Ruskim?</p>


<p>texas A&M- if you are instate they have 2 auto acceptance rules that ATM you do not meet.
1)Top ten percent of class
2)Top 25% of class with 1300 on Math+Reading on SAT (you have a 1290)
in other words if you get 10 points higher on your SAT you can make A&M your 100% safety.</p>

<p>Virginia Tech- Low match
Rice- Low Reach
UVA-Low Reach

<p>id say you should also look at libral arts schools because unlike A&M, VT, and UVA they will look at you as a well rounded admit then just a bunch of numbers.
Suggestions: Occidental (CA), Wesleyan (CT), Reed (Oregon), Colgate (NY), Vassar (NY)
all these suggestions would be around a good match for you</p>

<p>Based on what the poster above me said, I would say that the first course of action for you is to find out if A&M super-scores. If it does, then it isn't too hard for you to make it your safety: revise like mad for the Maths section and only the Maths section, get a 590 or more on the section. If not, then revise like mad for the Maths and the Critical Reading section and take the test again in October (therefore you have ample time to revise over the summer) and then get over 1300.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>Mariya - У меня приличный с русским. My vocabulary is solid, but my grammar is an absolute nightmare. Thanks for the input :)</p>

<p>As far as automatic admission at A&M goes, I plan on taking the ACT in June to see how I fare. I'm studying math like no other over the summer and retaking the SAT in October to hopefully push my math up to a 600 and get automatic admission. (Unless, of course, the ACT gets me in - but I have virtually no experience with the test format, so I doubt it will.)</p>

<p>Normally I'd be all for an LAC, but having an NROTC unit is critical for me. (That's why A&M and VTech are appealing - corps of cadets) I'm making an exception for Brown simply because I love the school so much, and it's close to OCS, which is where I would go should I not go through NROTC. Of course, I don't really think I'll get accepted there, so it's not an issue weighing heavily in my mind at the moment.</p>