Chance me for Texas A&M

Hello, I’m wondering what my chances are for Texas A&M. I will be applying this August. I am going to be studying Computer Engineering. I’m an international student, from Slovenia, Europe, but was born in Virginia, so I have a US citizenship.
SAT: 1900
Math: 660
Writing: 640
Reading: 600
GPA: 4.1/5.0, I’m top 30% in my class.
Do I have any chance at all?


I think it a low match for you :slight_smile:

I’m in almost the same situation…35% of class (over 900 students) with a 29 on my ACT. However, I’m a Texas resident :stuck_out_tongue: I know TAMU accepts something like 3% of out of state admissions or something crazy like that. My brother’s friend from Michigan got in to TAMU Galveston with similar credentials, from which he transferred over to TAMU College Station a year later. For both of us, I really hope we can get in. Try your best on the application essays–I’m already working on mine :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks to both of you for your answers!