Chance me! For the following colleges:

<p>Going to be a senior in September</p>

<p>Univ MD - College Park
Univ Illinois- Urbana Champaign
Rutgers Univ
Georgia Tech</p>

<p>Applying for Computer Science.. I know my chances are low for some.. but..</p>

<p>SAT 1st try: 640M, 640CR, 630WR
2nd try: 700M, 590CR, 610 WR
SAT II: Biology E - 750
Math II - taking in October
GPA: 4.0 Unweighted
4.3 Weighted
Mu Alpha Theta
Science National Honor Society
Varsity Math Team
Red Cross Club
Volunteering: Hospital - 50 hours
Library - 30 hours
Awards: #1 in county math team
Presidents Education award for 2 years
Ethnicity: Indian
State: Maryland(In-State) </p>


<p>bump… rply pls!!</p>

<p>Georgie Tech is the only high reach. Cornell is possible, but still a reach because of your test scores. But good job on having such a balanced list.</p>

<p>whew! I thought I had no chance for cornell… thanks though. @AnnieBeats‌ I only thought cornell would be hard bc u posted on this thread which had outstanding stats and said its a high reach. <a href=“”></a></p>


<p>ummm Cornell is the highest reach on there with your SAT scores.</p>

<p>@clarinetkid‌ oh alright lol would you say Urbana is a reach due to its highly competitive CS program?</p>

<p>I’m not too familiar with UIUC, so I’m not sure about CS, but you’re within the ranges of SAT scores so I would say high match (because out of state).</p>


<p>It is a high reach for everybody. But it’s not out of the realm of possibility for you or that other poster. Most people look at Cornell as a guarantee admit and I advise against that. That is why I called it a high reach. To let that poster know that they shouldn’t just take their high test scores and GPA and look at Cornell as an easy school. Your SAT is on the low side for an Ivy League, but it’s not too far out. Being a URM, especially Indian, will help you a lot as well. That is the most under represented ethnicity in college, and it might help you get into to GT too even though you are OOS.</p>

<p>For UIUC as oos, you SAT is low for CS. I have already responded to your other post on this. You may try Purdue which you will have a slightly better chance. You can pretty much forget about Cornell as all your section scores are low.</p>

<p>@AnnieBeats‌ thanks!</p>

<p>OP has a 1340/1600 and is a URM. What are you talking about @billcsho? </p>

<p>@AnnieBeats Unless I’m mistaken about the OP, aren’t Indians lumped together in the “Asian” category? How is that an URM?</p>

<p>@pmmywest It would depend on what type of Indian the OP is.</p>

<p>LOL. Indian are not URM. It is actually over-representing in engineer schools. Also, the mid 50 for UIUC engineering is 1400-1510.
OP. Feel free to ignore me if you found other more reliable sources.
See the admission stat at UIUC below:
<a href=“”></a></p>

<p>Here is the admission stat for Cornell Engineering:
<a href=“”></a>
mid 50 for Math is 740-800, CR is 680-760. OP has both section scores far below the 25%.</p>

<p>@AnnieBeats I hope you know what you are talking about. ;)</p>

<p>@AnnieBeats‌ not American indian… im indian from Asia lol. And I heard Urbana’s Engineering school requires 1400+ CR and M… they also don’t superscore according to their website. Now for Cornell… im not sure.</p>

<p>@billcsho You don’t have to declare a major when applying to Cornell. You must complete all prerequisites. I do know what I am talking about, but thanks for checking. :wink: The OP could apply to A&S at Cornell and transfer. They wouldn’t be doing major related work anyway until sophomore year.</p>

<p>@AnnieBeats‌ oh ok that makes sense. So if I go undeclared, there isn’t like 100% guarantee that ill be able to transfer to engineering right? seems risky… however, my scores are enough for A&S?</p>