Chance me for The following colleges

Im just soo nervous that i wont get in anywhere cuz of my gpa
I live in new jersey

Unweighted gpa at the end of junior year:3.17
Projected gpa after 1st sem senior year





4 years spring track
4 years winter track
1 year cross country and football
Developed 5 ios apps
Internship(i made an ios app for a company. 5 hospitals bought that app)
Saasa dance club 2 years(technical director)

Please chance me for the following schools:

Intended major: computer science

Stanford University(ik that its wayyyy reach)
Rutgers university(new brunswick)
Penn state(main campus)
Purdue university
University of pittsburgh
University of maryland
Drexel university


Which ap or IB and how many ?
What is your weighted gpa (i will assume it is 3.8-3.9)?
Drexel - your good,
Maryland - reach unless your gpa is a 4.0>,
Rutgers - same as Maryland
Pudue- match
Penn state - good

ap computer science
ap calculus ab
ap physics b

would these count as ap classes:

our school doesn’t offer ap physics c but it does offer: advanced topics in physics honors which is exactly like ap physics c

it also offers advanced topics in computer science honors, which is taken after ap computer science

so around 5 ap classes and 5 honors classes taken

and yes my weighted gpa is ~ 3.7-3.8

Definitely no for Stanford. You have a chance at everything else.

i always knew that my chances are slim to none(1-2% chance of being accepted) but Im still gonna apply cuz who knows?

@jarrett211 so i should be good for penn state (main campus) and rutgers(new brunswick)?