Chance Me For The KOTZEN Scholarship?

I really love Simmons, but I could only afford it w/ the Kotzen scholarship. I’d really love if a few people could chance me for the scholarship? Thanks!

Gender: Female
Location: Wisconsin
School Type: Independent Private
Rank: N/A
ACT: 30
Essays: I was told they were quite good
Recs: Awesome!

Overall GPA: 3.7 (unweighted)
Senior Year Course Load:
AP Calc
AP Econ
AP Lit
AP Spanish

Other AP classes I have done:
AP Comp (10th Grade)
AP Enviro (11th Grade)

JV Volleyball- 4 years (Conference Champions my Sophomore and Junior year)
JV Tennis- 4 years
Ringer in the Bell Choir- 4 years
Founding Member of Rotary Service Club- International Committee (Junior and Senior year)
Served as a “Teen Mentor” for younger students (All 4 years)
Musical: Singing in the Rain- Freshman year
Worked at Marshall’s- Summers

Student Government- Elected Class Rep. (9 and 10th grade)
Student Government- Secretary (11th Grade)
Student Government- Vice President (12th Grade)

Won 3rd place in Spanish-speaking competition (9-12 grade)
Awarded a Community Service Award by my school (11th and 12th grade)
Awarded 1st Place in the “Comedy” category- Slogan contest (All 4 years)

Selected by my school as an “Alternate” to attend a HOBY leadership conference
Voted Homecoming Princess- Junior year

Homeless shelter (20 hours/yr. all 4 years)
Birthing Center in a hospital (150+ hrs. Junior and Senior year)
I also completed a lot of volunteering hours through the Service Club I am apart of