Chance me for THE University of Virginia (PLZ!!!)

<p>I am currently a Junior, second semester. I have slacked so much freshman and sophmore year that my gpa is currently a 4.01.(weighted) Class rank is currently 90 out of 500 and I am instate</p>

Hon Alg 2
Hon Bio
Hon English
Hon World History
Spanish 2
Hon Health Science exploration i</p>

Hon English
Hon Geometry
Hon Chemistry
Hon World history ii
Spanish 3
Hon Health Science exploration ii

Ap English Language
AP Statistics
AP Chemistry
Dual Enrollment US history
Hon Spanish 4
Hon Physics
Hon Trig</p>

AP Government
AP Literature
AP Calc AB
AP Biology
Hon Spanish 5
Hon Sports MEdicine</p>

<p>I slacked freshman year and first semester of soph. Then I realized how important college was and ended sophmore year strong with 5 As 1 A+ and a B. Junior year, I had a decent year with 4 As and 3 B+ in hard classes. It will definately be all As by 2nd semester. I am a minority (middle east) and have many ecs that i am too lazy to mention. SAT scores are 1250 first time and i plan on making it 1350 by september. I had a 4.5 GPA in terms of Junior year so far and have improved a lot. My plan is to take SAT II in Us History, math i and ii. 2 question! Should I apply early action? I can raise my gpa senior year even higher but my guidance counselor said that they would defer me so i should apply early. I don't think that statment is true so that is why I am asking about that. Also, do you think I have a chance at getting in to the school?</p>

<p>You are not a minority first of all. Your SAT is low regardless and you havent mentioned any ECs or unweighted GPA. Course rigor is ok, but i wouldn't call that hard, mor like medium.
Tell me you ECs and unweighted GPA. Weighted means nothing cuz every school does it different. The max at my school is 4.2. We are top 20 in the country. Your class rank is way too low. Your chances are very low, but give me more info so I can chance you more completely.</p>

<p>Can you tell me feedback on what I should do in these next couple of months to increase my chances? My rank will probably be like in the 60s by the end of the semester. I run track 4 years , football 2 years, beta club, nhs, mu alpha theta, spanish honors society, and a lot more other clubs. What is the definition of minority for UVA?? If I major improve do you think i have a shot? (straight A's for the next 2 semesters?) Do you think I'll be able to get defered early action?? Cuz if im not even gona get deffered, I am going to apply regular with better senior grades</p>


<p>Hmm, You should get some leadership and things like that. Improve to 2100/1400 SAT. Get straight As and do something over the summer to make a difference. Pursue your passions. Do an internship or research. It will help your chances.</p>

<p>I would go RD if you think you will get straight As. Your GPA will be higher.</p>