Chance me for these hardish schools

Chance me for these harder schools: Tufts, USC, UCs (Davis, SB, LA, Cal), Emory, Tulane, Georgetown?

GPA UW: 3.9
GPA W. 4.21
SAT: 1410 (Lang 730 Math 690) (working on taking it one last time to do better one the math section :frowning: )
SAT 2: Lit 720, US History 700
APs: Chem, Comp, Lit, APUSH, Econ (Micro and Macro), Calc AB, Spanish (As and A- in all classes on transcript except one B+ in AP chem one semester)
ECs: Piano for 12 years, Mountain Biking (High school team and recreational), Varsity Track, Camp Counselor, community service hours/trip to NE Mexico, recruited by my school to be a peer tutor, internship at local Music School non-profit.
Good essays and letters of rec.

Math was 680. Sorry. Maybe my low score is indicative of the fact that I’m unable to do simple addition.

Also should add I’m non stem, PolySci intended major.
UC GPA is a 4.39
UW GPA is actually about a 3.96

I only am familiar with Tulane - Make sure you show the school some love. They are big on demonstrated interest. Good luck!

Are you a California resident or OOS?

I am a CA resident

Is there a hook that you have, that you are leaving out. I’m confused as to why you say they are “hardish”.

SAT scores seem to be on target for Davis but are low for Cal/UCLA.

And Georgetown strongly recommends 3 SAT Subject tests.

@emorynavy I’m implying that they’re not easy to get into, but not Ivy/stanford/MIT caliber.

@Hamurtle Yeah those three are reaches for sure. I’m in the lower quartile for all three for SATs. I can send one additional SAT 2 for Chem thats in the mid-600s but I’m not sure if it would better to omit that or not- Especially since I had an A in AP chem…

Any poli sci activities or advocacy, in your community?

@lookingforward With the exception of being well versed and passionate about current events and pollitical issues, I’d say no. Not for lack of trying, local congressional rep as well as state reps (senate and house) don’t take high school interns. Even my local town gov. said they flat out don’t accept interns in high school.
I have spoken at a few of my local town hall meetings about some trail access and environmental issues, and during my community service trip in Mexico I talked to some locals (in rough Spanish) about the political climate there (they were in the middle of election), but I feel like talking about that could come across as crass and patronizing.

Poly sci related ECs don’t have to be internships at government offices. Mentioning that you spoke at local town halls is fine but better would be to follow it up with engagement on the issues you spoke about.

Most campaigns allow younger volunteers.

Advocacy groups are often glad to have help. Even if you’re xeroxing, you re in the milieu. Or otherwise getting info out. Probably most important for Georgetown, though good for others. Good you tried.

To say UCB, Emory, gtown aren’t Ivy caliber means you don’t know what you’re talking about. Also…
6 of the 9 schools on your list are Reach-High Reach
Tulane is a low Reach
And UCSB, Davis are low matches. You need a safety.

@emorynavy I mean judging by your username I’d say your a little biased about the Ivy thing… But thanks for your honesty about the high-reach deal. I have plenty of safety schools, they’re not listed.

As long as you have safeties, its all good.