Chance me for these schools? Washington, Cal Poly Slo, SDSU, UCSB, Oregon...

Hello all, I am a current high school senior in southern California. I go to a competitive, well known public school, and I am a white male. Average yearly income for my family is ~$150,000.

The schools I am going to apply to are:

-Cal Poly Slo(Business Administration)(Also am most likely going to do early decision here since it is my #1)
-University of Washington(Business)
-University of Oregon(Business)
-UCSB(Probably economics since they do not technically offer a business major)
-Also a few safeties like Colorado and Arizona

My statistics are:

GPA: 3.4 UW
3.5 W
(I think my CSU gpa is around 3.48)

-AP classes: APUSH(3), AP GOV(currently taking), AP Statistics(currently taking)

ACT: 33 composite(35 english, 35 reading, 32 science, 28 math)

Extracurriculars: Around 30 hours of community service volunteering at a children’s summer camp. Soccer and volleyball for 4 years. Involved in two clubs at school, but do not hold any board position.

How do I stand with these schools?

CSU GPA will hurt your chances at UCSB and SLO. SDSU is probably a Match since you have an excellent ACT and your Eligibility index is 1036. Over 1000+ puts you in good standing.

UCSB/SLO: Low Reach
SDSU: Match/High Match

Not sure about the other schools.
Do you have an explanation in regards to the GPA/ACT mismatch. I know you stated that you go do a competitive HS, but to be honest, practically every poster on CC states that same thing.

Good Luck.

I think you need to work on your gpa. Nothing stands out in your EC. Try to write a brilliant essay and try an internship or something so that you can better your EC.
Best of luck!

CSU GPA is different from UC GPA, you will get in Cal poly 100% ED.

I think your GPA will keep you out of SLO, UW and UCSB. You’ll probably make UofO (based solely on averages, I am not as familiar with the school . )

SDSU you should be OK.

Take look at UCR and CSULB - they have solid Biz programs and you are a good candidate for both.

Good luck.

SLO GPA uses 9th-11th grades for the a-g courses with 8 semesters of honors credit. You can use the UC GPA calculator, just include Freshman grades.

@Gumbymom I guess I don’t have an explanation, but my gpa did have a dramatic upward trend(Freshman year
3.1/3.3, sophomore 3.1/3.5, Junior 3.8, 4.0) so maybe that will help a little bit ahaha.

An upward trend is alway good and take @NCalRent’s advice to include some schools like UCR and CSULB.

UCSB- High Match (they are lax with applicants who have a low GPA, but high test scores)
Cal Poly SLO- Low Reach (their formula for admissions does not place much emphasis on test scores)
SDSU- Match
UW Seattle- High Match
University of Oregon- Match

^ I agree with @QuiteAverage90 on each assessment.

UW Seattle places greater emphasis on GPA, but your great ACT could carry the day. Good luck!