Chance Me for these schools?

<p>My Stats:
I go to a competitive, well-known school public school in Southern California
Total GPA:
UW: 3.5
W: 3.7</p>

<p>Freshman year: 1 honors class
Sophomore year: 1 honors and 1 AP class
Junior year: 3 AP classes
Senior year: 2 and 1/2 AP classes (1/2 is AP Economics which is a one semester class)</p>

<p>I've gotten only As and Bs my high school career.</p>

superscore: 1770
first score: 1650
second score: 1760</p>

taking it this month</p>

I was in ASB freshman year as Freshman Site Council
I have been part of a Leadership program at our school for 2 years (application only)
I have been apart of the study buddies program for all 4 years of HS</p>

Junior Honor Court</p>

4 internships
1) a non-profit organization that helps inner city kids go to college
2) a marketing a branding company
3) event planning organization
4) public relations company
I have 2 letters of recommendation from 2 of my internship mentors</p>

<p>1 job at a frozen yogurt store my senior year.</p>

<p>Co-founded an organization with my friend that collects used test prep materials and distributes them to schools around my area that can't afford test prep materials (we have 3 chapters at different schools)</p>

<p>Founded organization that gets doctors to commit one day a year to going down to Mexico and giving their specialized services to a clinic. I've hda countless meetings and interacted with a large amount of doctors who have committed their time to going down and helping.</p>

<p>Please Chance me for:
Loyola Marymount University
UC Boulder
University of Michigan
UT Austin

<p>CU-Boulder: Safety
NYU: Reach
NEU: Reach
BU: Reach
SMU: Reach
TCU: Match
UMI: High reach
UT-Austin: Reach
LMU: Reach
Chapman: Reach
USC: High reach
SDSU: High match
Purdue: Match</p>

<p>Is there another CSU you might be willing to attend?</p>