Chance me for these universities & others

I am a rising high school senior in a highly competitive school.
Please chance me for UCB, UCLA, UCSD, UCD, UCI, UW, Cal Poly, CalTech, SJSU, Santa Clara University, Stanford, Emory, USC and any other schools.

I am considering CS and any other variations of CSs with data science, sociology, suggestions will be appreciated.

GPA -3.96
AP Courses
AP Physics1
AP Calc AB
Pre-calc H
Spanish H
Senior year -
AP Bio
AP Calc BC
AP Spanish

SAT - 1420, planning to take another one to increase to 1500+

Local community college courses with 4.0 GPA
Object oriented design in Java

Internships & Extra curricular activities
Data science internship in ASDRP (Summer)
Apprenticeship program at top 100 software company (Summer & Spring)
UCSB SRA (Summer 2021) in Machine intelligence
Stanford pre-college (Summer 2021)
School Archery club president
AI team president
Part of Robotics team
Vex Robotics competition
Competitive archer at National/International level
70+ hours of volunteering

nice stats. stellar ECs. SAT score is a bit lower, but most schools are test optional. a strength in your application is that without you even telling me, i can immediately tell that you have a keen interest in computers and robotics. this strength will definitely benefit you. obviously stanford is a reach for everyone, but i think you have a good shot at everything else.

Stanford and CalTech are a reach even at 1500. Other than that you should have lots of great choices. Are there College Archery teams??

Thanks for the feedback.

There are a handful of colleges that have college archery teams.

Congratulations on your accomplishments. I can’t chance you, but do remember that the UCs and CalTech are test BLIND next year…meaning a high standardized test score won’t help you, because it won’t be seen or considered by the AOs.

What are our 3 UC GPA’s? GPA Calculator for the University of California – RogerHub

CSU GPA capped weighted = UC capped weighted. For SJSU, you needed a minimum 4.25 CSU GPA for a CS admit.

SLO GPA which uses 9-11th grades with an 8 semester cap on UC approved Honors/AP/IB or DE courses taken 10-11th grades?

You good HS course rigor and overall a competitive applicant but you need 1 safety school so consider adding UCSC and UCR to the mix.

Thank you Gumbymom, is there a way to check what my GPA will be for SLO? I did not see in rogerhub.

Thank you, I corrected my assumption that UCs were test optional.

You can use the Rogerhub UC GPA calculator and just add in your 9th grades for the a-g courses. The 8 semester honors caps still remains for SLO for the qualified courses taken 10-11th grades.

Thanks, what do I do in rogerhub for the 10th grade semester where we got credit/no credit instead of letter grade?

Do not report any grades for that semester and unfortunately you also do not get any Honors points for the qualified classes for that semester. SLO and the UC’s will still take note of your HS course rigor even though you have no letter grades.