Chance me for Top 10 MBA (HBS 2+2)

Hey guys,

I’m a Junior at Georgia Tech majoring in Electrical Engineering. I have a >3.9 GPA and a 334/340 GRE.

I interned at Goldman in Securities, and am also involved in undergrad research in machine learning/graphs. I’m involved in a bunch of extracurriculars focused on startups, entrepreneurship, etc.

I’m planning on applying to HBS’s 2+2 as well as Stanford’s Deferred Enrollment MBA. My major concern is that the pedigree of my institute as a “non-target” might be an issue? However, in technical majors, GaTech is very solid, and since HBS 2+2 specifically targets STEM majors, I was hoping this wouldn’t be a concern.

Obviously, I’m very invested in technology+entrepreneurship, so Stanford is a dream.

Any thoughts/comments? Thanks!

From the sounds of it you seem to have a very solid resume that targets both HBS and Stanford. The trick will definitely be how you structure your essays and tell your story on how and why an MBA will benefit you in your career. Try mentioning your extracurriculars and how they influence your future career path

GA Tech is an amazing institution and neither Harvard nor Stanford, nor any MBA program you may apply to in the future will question the caliber of the school. Just for reference I graduate with a degree in Chemical Engineering from Ohio State with a similar GPA and a roughly the same GMAT equivalent to your GRE (770 overall) and I was admitted to Tuck

I agree. You sound like you got a very good handle on this. All you can do is apply and see what happens. Personally, I feel Wharton would be a good choice if you wish to return to Goldman Sachs.