Chance me for Top 20-30 (Full Financial Aid)(Indian-International applicant)

GPA: 90% (9th), 94% (10th)(~Top 2% Nationally), 68% (11th(Grade deflation-Top 10%)), ~94% (12th)

Test Score : –NIL– (Can’t take)

Class Rank: Top 10% (Public School) (Kendriya Vidyalaya) (School is ranked 1 public school in the region)

Course Rigor: Difficult

LORs : Stellar (From four people)

Essays : Coming in terms with being stuck inside a room. Yes, it is about the pandemic.(But it is Good)

Talent: Poetry.

Background: First Gen, Father in Military, Moved around the country a Lot, No religious preference, Male, Need Financial Aid, Speak 5 Languages Fluently, Learning Russian.


Research in science: Since 8th grade. Presented at state level Conferences (8th, 9th, 11th), National Level (11th) With topics from farmer suicides to micro-plastic. One of the top Child Scientist in the country. ~Top 100 (Without any help from any professor)

Work (Paid) - Teacher: Taught to Classmates(free), Others - ₹500 = $7 / month. Total income - $35/ month.

Social work during Covid-19, Cleanliness Drives, Teaching poor kids in neighborhood(English mostly), Animal services, cooking in community kitchen.

Host and presenter: Annual Day, Farewell, Republic Day, Independence Day (School) & Speaker at state level about Periodic Table of elements.

Cultural: Recorded, edited, mixed and managed songs and music for the biggest Durga Puja festival in City of 1+ Million.

Journalism: School magazine Editor-in-chief.

Science Exhibition - State Level

Sports - Basketball: 4 years. No special achievement.

School Captain: Never got to play my part as school is closed.

Library President, Mathematics Club President.


VVM: Exam(Practicals, Written) State Level Silver Medal

VSSF: National top 20, Invited for internship to Vikram Sarabhai Science Foundation.

NSEJS: Top 1% ~ 100 participants