Chance me for top 30 universities

Hi all,

I’m a rising senior and I’m trying to get a grasp of where I stand so I would be very grateful if you could help rate my chances for the following universities:


Race: Asian
Sex: Male

I’m not gonna disclose where I live cuz my dad might see this (he likes to lurk around in these types of forums) but just know I live in one of the bigger states

SAT: 1540
GPA: 3.9
AP Calc AB-5, AP US History-5, AP World History-5, AP Lang-4, AP Chem-4, AP CSP-4
*Note that I got 3 B’s first semester of junior yr (big yikes)


HOSA (VP of Competition) - Top 10 at HOSA international Leadership Conference in Allied Health Statistics two yrs in a row, top 20 finalist for medical math advanced

Chess (Co-Captain) - Guided chess team to top 6 at nationals three yrs in a row; placed 27th and 34th individually for two of those runs

Track and Field - Varsity runner for two yrs

Tassel Cambodia - assisted in Cambodian children’s development of learning the English language via letters; corrected errors and explained proper grammar structure

Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States - Delivered monthly piano performance to local nursing home alongside other AYLUS members. After, often stayed behind to interact with elderly

FBLA (VP of Competition) - Created monthly practice tests for students to take preparing for competition; gave students idea of where they stood as competition date got closer

Asian American Student Association (secretary) - Organized cultural events within school; partnered with local asian american businesses in the area for cultural events

Quiz Bowl - Delivered team to 2nd place at state-wide tournament; qualified for nationals

Math Club (tutor) - Helped fellow students master challenging concepts in mathematics, was part of 2nd ranked math team in nation

Director of audiovisual (AV) team at church - Created powerpoint slides to be used during the sermon (integrated with pastor’s lesson); handled audiovisual unit as sermon proceeded

First place in chemistry lab in science Olympiad in region/state
***Note that I’m not gonna put science olympiad in my EC’s cuz I have no more space but I’m gonna put this down as one of my honors sections (also someone pls tell me if that’s weird and I should put it as one of my EC’s)

Essays: kinda garbage right now 4/10
Recommendations: probably also kinda garbage I wouldn’t expect anything more compelling than a 5/10

If you read this far thanks for taking the time out of your day to help a fellow human out :slight_smile:

What are you interested in studying - can’t really tell from your ECs. I would guess something in science?

Focus on your essays - that is your best opportunity to differentiate yourself.

Also I hope you have some matches on your list as these are all reaches (for everyone)!

I strong suspect that your references are going to be a lot stronger than you are giving yourself credit for. You sound like a hardworking and conscientious student which is what people who write references like to see.

Definitely do pay attention to your essays. Put effort into them and think about them. However, do not get stressed out over them. Admissions expects that you are a 17 or 18 year old high school student – and not a professional writer.

Also find out what your budget is and make sure that you can afford to attend these schools.

Also, like @DCCAWAMIIAIL I am hoping that you also have safeties on your list. I think that you are competitive at any university, but everything on the list that you are showing us is a reach. You need to apply to two solid safeties that you know you will get into, you know that you can afford, and you would be happy to attend. Finding safeties is sometimes easy (such as in-state public schools) and is sometimes quite hard. Finding reaches can be easy since they are usually famous schools.

Yea I’m going for something in the pre-med area. Thanks for the advice!

Yea don’t worry I’m also applying to a couple of in-state safeties. Thanks for the advice!

" 'm not gonna disclose where I live cuz my dad might see this (he likes to lurk around in these types of forums)"

Who knows. Your dad might be replying to your question without knowing that you’re his son. - Just kidding

You are a competative applicant for all the colleges that you have listed. Stanford and Yale might be high reach considering their low acceptance rate. In a situation like COVID this year, ESSAY and LOR might play a pivotal role in the admission process for the year 2021. Make sure to write compelling essay and get stellar LOR. It is good that you got an state award at the Science olympiad. Highlight you passion about the STEM and discuss in depth about your award. Make sure to write few sentences about how you fit into their colleges. Also your contribution to your School other than academic setting, your community and your family etc. Good luck to your college admission.