Chance me for top schools and a concern of mine

Thanks for chancing me everyone. I really appreciate it!

Rising Senior
Intended Major: CS/Mech Engineering and econ/business minor
White male, Michigan Resident

Dual Curriculum High School
ACT: 33
GPA: 3.9 unweighted
Subject Tests: none
APs: (at my school you can only start taking APs junior year and they rarely let people do more than 2)
Self-Studied Computer Science
Senior APs: Calc BC, Physics C, Micro/Macro Econ

Extracurriculars: Founder of a company( and a non-profit organization(, active in school Theatre program (had multiple lead roles), Senior Class President, Jamming Club founder, NHS member
Work Experience: Intern at CAD software reseller, Photo Booth Facilitator for an event company, company and non-profit mentioned above
Schools: Stanford(top choice, most likely applying REA), UPenn (M&T program, engineering as second choice), Harvard, UMich (in-state)

So my concern is SAT Subject Tests. They kind of took me unaware and due to my class schedule last year I’d only be able to take Math 2. Originally, I decided to study over this summer, but I haven’t been able to find the time. I work at my internship Tuesday-Thursday and work on my business Friday-Monday(yes, including weekends). I feel like I can do a lot more with the business that’s actually impressive than subject tests, especially if I can only take one and most schools want two. I did a Barrons diagnostic and got a 550 so it’d take a lot of work to get a reasonable Math 2 score when it’d be a better use of my time to focus on other things. Thoughts?

Thanks again for chancing me.

Hey some of your extracurriculars sound pretty cool. Just a question, is your Non-Profit officially registered with the state of Michigan and the IRS?

@PartyNextDoor It isn’t. It was created to support an existing organization. I handed it over to them early 2014.