Chance me for top schools please? :)

<p>Chance me or provide me feedback please for the following schools? :)</p>

<p>Stanford (REA)
UC Berkeley

<p>[ul][li]SAT I (self-studied as most do anyways – I live in Canada and I haven’t been to an academy nor have I taken a course):[/ul] 2100 (720 Math, 690 CR, 690 Writing) – Didn’t do as well as I wanted to :( Took only once – I will take again next month for regular decision but this is the score going in for Stanford SCEA.</p>[/li]
<p>[ul][li]SAT II (self-studied):[/li]Math II - 800
French with Listening – 790[/ul]</p>

<p>[ul][li]GPA: 4.0 unweighted<a href="Average%20over%2095%%20grade%209%7Epresent">/list</a></p>[/li]
<p>[list][li]Rank: Top 1% [/ul]</p>[/li]
<p>[ul][li]APs (self-studied; school doesn’t offer them, can’t afford to go to academies)[/li]AP Psychology – 5
AP French – 5
AP Macroeconomics – 4
AP Microeconomics – 4[/ul]</p>

<p>[ul][li]Senior Course Load:[/li]*I live in Canada btw which is why courses may look different. My school offers no APs and I’ve taken all my “challenging”(?) courses during my grade 11 year which is why this may not look so challenging :P[/ul]</p>

<p>[ul][li]English 12, English Literature 12, Ceramics 12, History 12, Art 12, Online course – AP World History (AP courses are offered for the first time or something for free in a local online school), Law 12, Biology 12[/ul]</p>[/li]
<p>[ul][li]Extracurriculars and Volunteer:[/li]-Founder and President of club that fundraises for good causes at my school. i also organize trips to the local shelter for our club (and do it myself as well :))
-Co Head Editor in Chief of School Newspaper
-Student Council
-Grad Committee
-Global Issues
-Assisting kids with autism and other special needs (I helped them in Martial Arts programs because I do taekwondo, and in other summer camps/programs)
-Tutoring program at elementary school for immigrant students
-Taekwondo Black Belt and Instructor (Paid work)
-Piano (12 years)
-I’m Korean but I learned Chinese out of school.[/ul]</p>

<p>[ul][li]Awards/Honours[/li]-4.0 Honor Roll (grade 8~11) (schoolwide)</p>

<p>-Top Academic Student Award (grade 8~10) (School-wide)</p>

<p>-JHR Write the Wrong Essay Contest - Honorable Mention (nationwide)</p>

<p>-Robert Bateman Art Competition - Honorable Mention (nationwide)</p>

<p>-Mandarin Chinese: Supreme Mandarin School Academic Excellence Award

<p>-Province-Wide Taekwondo Championships Gold Medal - Poomse</p>

<p>-Writing Contest (Public Library) - 3rd place (Region-wide)</p>

<p>-Kiwanis International Music Festival – Silver (Region-wide)</p>

<p>-French Language Students Diploma (DELF B2) (International)[/ul]</p>

[<em>]Country: Canada
[</em>]School Type: Public
[<em>]Ethnicity: Asian
[</em>]Gender: Female
[<em>]Income Bracket: Financial Aid needed
[</em>]Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): None?[/ul]</p>

<p>[ul][<em>]What I think my strengths are (about my application): Trilingual (and in the middle of learning another, just not fluent yet), GPA/average, maybe ECs (but they’re not outstanding)
[</em>]What I think my weaknesses are: SAT scores, lack of APs and AP scores.[/ul]</p>

<p>Hoping to make my essays a strength since I’m not a very strong applicant in my opinion ^^
If you have any questions please feel free to ask me or PM me :)
Also I’d appreciate it you could tell me where you’re coming from when you are chancing me. What I mean by this is; are you a university student, a teacher, a parent, a high school student that does a lot of research on this stuff, a student who knows other people that got accepted into ____. Don’t get me wrong, I will consider ALL opinions VERY GRATEFULLY because they will all have valid points, but I’d like to know this information so I can be more objective and accurate about myself! *if you don’t want to say, I’m 100% fine with that too.</p>

<p>Thank you everybody who chances or gives me feedback – I can chance back if you’d like me to and if you don’t mind a regular high school student in the same situation as you are just giving my two cents.</p>

<p>*BTW: I'm going to go into either Art, Art History, or Psychology. (I don't know if majors make any difference, does it? eg. Sciences vs. arts)</p>

<p>Other than your SAT scores, everything is perfect for your majors. Study and get your CR and writing to 750 and you're a lock. Make sure you make it 100% clear in your applications that you know three languages. That'll look really good on applications. Amusez-vous au coll</p>

<p>Merci :D</p>

<p>I'll keep studying for my SATs, but I really do want to get in Stanford EA. :( Sigh. Oh well, I'll still keep trying.</p>

<p>*Also, I heard that some schools accept November scores for Early Action (Yale?) but Stanford only accepts October scores.
I'm facing a dilemma here, haha. Any opinions on this would be helpful.</p>

<p>Edit: Another question!!
I have two 4s on APs. Should I enter these two 4s?? To show that I at least worked hard to self-study in a school with no APs, or should I just enter the 5s? :(</p>

<p>Not that a 2100 SAT is bad, but everyone applying to those schools has a 2100.</p>

<p>At this point, I would think Cornell would be your best bet.</p>

<p>Even your ECs, while fine, are not super-human, like some of the ECs I see on CC.</p>

<p>I might even lower my sights a little, and apply to schools like Georgetown, and NYU.</p>

<p>With acceptance rates at the top schools so low, it would still be a reach even if you had 2300 SATs.</p>

<p>Thanks for the feedback.
For safeties I'm thinking of Canadian schools since I have a higher chance of obtaining scholarships.
Any more chances would be appreciated! Or feedback. (eg. what I should emphasize, what I should take out, etc)</p>

<p>I'd appreciate any last minute chances :D</p>

<p>take ACT in February to see if you can do better than in SAT, Yale will accept them.</p>

<p>Well, those unis are über crapshoots, but your chances at Cornell are good, maybe Columbia, and a semi decent chance at Stanford. All in all, you are a well rounded candidate with decent stats, but the only thing that will guarantee you a better chance is improving your SAT a little and writing an outstanding essay. Good luck!!</p>