Chance me for Top Schools?

<p>I think my top schools are reaches but they are UPenn, Cornell, Yale, Princeton, Brown, and I plan to send out an application to Stanford as well. Also applying to Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Penn State, and Northeastern.</p>

<p>White Male, First generation college student</p>

<p>Class Rank: Top 3%, MA Public</p>

<p>SAT: 2120--800 math, 690 CR, 630 writing (hopefully more schools look at SAT like Cornell, Math/CR which is a 1490)</p>

<p>SAT II: 800 Math 2, 720 USH, 700 Math I, taking Chemistry in January</p>

<p>ACT: 34 Composite 34 math, 34 science, 33 english, 36 reading</p>

<p>Do any of the Ivy’s superscore? My SAT’s and ACT’s alone aren’t very strong, but with an 800 Math and 36 Reading it should help my application.</p>

<p>Varsity athlete in both football and baseball</p>

<p>Executive board of NHS; created school's first community service fair (attended by hundreds of students)</p>

<p>100+ hours of community service at various events and specifically at local children's museum over 2 year+ span</p>

<p>Math Club/Chess Club</p>

<p>Spent last summer in a research lab at UConn experimenting with BioNanomaterials</p>

<p>School recipient of numerous community service/leadership awards, as well as Cornell Book Award</p>

<p>Statewide award for "being a good citizen": aka community service</p>

<p>AP Scholar/ NMSQT commended</p>

<p>Chemical Engineering</p>

<p>Commonapp essay: I think it's good- read by former Northwestern admissions officer-loved it
Teacher Rec's: 1 is amazing- other is good
Counselor: MAGNIFICENT-- describes as one of two/three most mature, balanced students in 40+ years</p>

<p>Only allow AP's jr/senior year</p>

<p>Jr Year: USH (4) Lang (4) Stats (5)</p>

<p>Sr: Year: AP Calc AB (no BC offered), AP Chem, AP Gov, AP Span, Honors Engineering, Honors Psych, Honors English</p>

<p>My school’s GPA system is so volatile so that I won’t even bother giving my GPA, but the unweighted is almost 4.0. </p>

<p>Significant upward trend all four years of high school</p>

<p>How do you have an upward trend with an unweighted 4.0?</p>

<p>Your list is extremely reach heavy. Other than Peen State and Northeastern, all of your schools are significant reached.</p>

<p>a 34 act isn't bad O.o</p>

<p>I said that my unweighted was ALMOST 4.0... Mostly A's all four years but AP classes instead of honors classes junior and senior years. </p>

<p>My scores are not that impressive standing alone, but I feel like the math and reading perfect scores will impress an admissions officer.</p>

<p>Also, do you really think that schools like Notre Dame and Vanderbilt are significant reaches? All of my objectives are at or above their ranges, and I feel like my extracurriculars will help, recommendations will be better, and my essays are outstanding.</p>

<p>I already got into Northeastern, receiving their top dean's scholarship and being invited into their Honor's Program.</p>

<p>bcresey6 you sound like thy ideal student, you should get in. But can anyone help me, i'm trying to get into UVa? </p>

<p>( I am a resident of VA, I have a green card but I am a citizen of IvoryCoest a west African nation. 1st generation to go to college on my mothers side. Playing the sympathy card and say my mom died.)</p>

<p>Personal Info
• Gender: Female
• Year Entering College: 2012
• Ethnicity: African-American
• State of Residence: VA
• Areas of academic interest:
o Biological & Biomedical Sciences, Other
Academic Background
• Class Rank: Top 12%
• Weighted GPA: 3.791
• SAT Critical Reading: 570
• SAT Math: 520
• SAT Writing: 550
• Combined SAT: 1640
• Selectivity Index™: 582?
AP Subject Tests
• AP Biology: 1
• AP English Language: 3
• AP European History: 4
• AP US History: 3
• AP Chemistry: pending
• AP Environmental Science: pending
• AP Government: pending
• AP Comparative Government: pending
• AP French: pending
• AP English Literature: pending</p>

<p> Academic Excellent 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade
 Student Leadership Conference 11th grade
 Building School Community Conference
 Ran for class President freshman year
 Ran for Key Club President junior year
 A member of the gifted program (SIGNET)
 A Published poet on under the pen name of Magnes Abo
 Published on under the pen name Magnes
 Martin Luther King Oratorical Contest. Forest Park High School 2011/2012 Winner.</p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities</p>

<p>Peer Mediation</p>

<p>National French Honor Society </p>

<p>French Club</p>

<p>Newspaper </p>

<p>Key Club</p>

<p>Leading Ladies : president</p>

<p>Student Ambassador</p>

<p>Kids Against Hunger and AIDS: president</p>

<p>Chemistry Honor Society </p>

<p>What are my chances?</p>


<p>your scores are amazing. Stop doubting yourself and good luck.</p>

<p>Penn State you'll probably likely get in (though you never know because decisions have been pretty random at all schools this year). Fair shot at Vandy and Northwestern, but not at all definite. Possibly Cornell. The rest are all pretty high reaches.</p>

<p>Penn State almost certainly if you're a PA resident. Decently likely at Vanderbilt / NW. Cornell is probably a mid reach and the rest are high reaches.</p>

<p>You think Yale, Princeton and Stanford are reaches? Really?</p>

<p>Haha, no need for the sarcasm tough guy. Obviously they are reaches.</p>