Chance me for top tier schools!

<p>Colleges: Rice, Duke, Davidson, Amherst, Columbia (sis goes there), Yale, Pomona
My safety is UT Austin b/c I have auto-admit and Case Western because I am legacy.</p>

<p>Public School of about 2500 kids
Graduating class: 586</p>

<p>ACT Score: 33
Reading: 33
Math: 34
English: 33
Science: 30
Combined English/Writing: 31
Essay: 9</p>

<p>Grades: All As with one exception
GPA: 5.4/6</p>

<p>Classes: (Scores w/ AP Classes)</p>

<p>Freshman Year -
PreAP Biology
PreAP English I
PreAP Algebra II
AP Human Geography - 4
Intro to Engineering Design
Latin I (No PreAP available)
Freshman Soccer</p>

<p>Sophomore Year-
PreAP Chemistry
PreAP English II
AP World History - 5
PreAP Latin II
PreAP Precalculus
AP Computer Science - 4
Varsity Soccer</p>

<p>Junior Year-
AP Calculus AB - 5
PreAP Latin III
PreAP Physics
Independent Study Computer Science
AP US History - 5
English III
AP European History - 5</p>

<p>Senior Year- (9 wks average)
AP Calculus BC - 94
AP Chemistry - 96
AP Statistics - 99
Advanced Academic Aerospace Engineering - 94
AP Macroeconomics - 96
AP Biology - 100
AP English IV - 95</p>

Division 1 Competitive club soccer (9-12) Captain intermittently - travel time can range from 30mins to 5 hrs for a game, 3 practices a week, 1 or 2 games weekends
Varsity Soccer (10-12) Captain (12) - practice everyday when in season
Freshman Soccer (9) Captain (9) - practice everyday when in season
Over 200 Community Service Hours
Latin Club (11-12)- Vice President (12)- 2nd Place for Area in Greek History(11)
Mu Alpha Theta (10-12) Historian (12)
National Honor Society (10-12)
Science National Honor Society (11-12) Secretary (12)
TEAMS Competitor 6th place at Area (11-12)
HOSA Member (12)
Safe School Ambassador (10-12)
UIL Science Competitor (12) - Competitive selection, I was one of a handful from the entire school</p>

AP Scholar with Distinction
Superintendent's Scholar</p>

<p>Essays: Great, my sister who takes journalism at Columbia is helping me out.
Letters of Rec: Great, one from math teacher I have had for three years and another from a Biology teacher I have a 100 in the class for. Counselor has like 500 kids to look after so meh.</p>

<p>My grades and test scores have been very good for the past year. Almost got highest GPA for Junior year. Not sure if I should be content with my ACT score (I only took it once a year ago.). All comments appreciated.</p>


<p>I will chance back for any opinions.</p>

<p>Looking for any opinions at all…</p>