Chance me for transfer please

<p>I am currently in my first semester at a private school in upstate new york and looking to transfer for fall 2011. I'm majoring in political science but might be changing to history or doing a double major</p>

<p>HS Stats:
3.7 GPW (UW)
SAT: 1180/1750 (Not that high i know)
Took all honors courses throughout high school, and AP Calculus in my senior year. I also took two college credit classes (SUPA-Syracuse University Project Advanced) in English and Bio. I was also advanced in math and science courses
Employment: Worked part time from Oct. 2008-Present at a retail store
Activities: All-star Cheerleading in 9th grade
Volunteer: 500+ hours involved in Pop Warner (Youth football and cheerleading organization)</p>

<p>College Stats:</p>

<p>Currently maintaining a 3.6 GPA which might increase
Involved in a Volunteer service club and a club involved with admissions
Still volunteering in Pop Warner organization</p>


Syracuse University (applied and was accepted as a HS senior)
UMass Amherst (also applied and was accepted as a HS senior)
Boston College (probably a long shot)
Northeastern University
Villanova University</p>

<p>Any input would be great! Also if you have any other suggestions to schools that might be a better fit that would be helpful too! Thanks</p>

<p>oh i forgot to add UDel</p>

<p>UAlbany - In
Syracuse University - In
UMass Amherst - In
UConn - Match
Boston College - Reach
Northeastern University - Reach
Villanova University - Reach
UDel - Match</p>

<p>I also applied to UDel(R), UMass(R), Syracuse(A), and UConn(R) right out of HS. Since you know the area…Chance Back</p>

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<p>thank you!</p>