Chance me for transfer?

Middle class 100k+
Not an international student
Public HS
White Male
No hooks

Intended major: business or econ

HS GPA: 3.5
College GPA: 3.99
No test scores

12 credits of dual enrollment senior year

Current HS senior who will be going to cc next year. By the time I apply for fall 2023 i will have around 31 credits for sophomore transfer. What do you think my chances are?

Senior captain of tennis team
NJBJJF gold medalist 175lb tournament (1st place)
CC deans list
HS doubles team of the year award
HS tennis district champions and sectional finalists (2nd place)

Tennis Instructor at (insert private school camp here)
Tennis instructor at (insert club here)
Independent tutoring business
cc business club
102.5 hours volunteered at local hospital
200 hours volunteered at fashion factory
250 hours volunteered at dentist office
HS tennis team (first doubles and captain)
Started a nonprofit tennis organization
cc tennis team (will be in spring)
Brazillian jiu jitsu blue belt and assistant instructor for kids class




Umich ross






Notre Dame








Your HS record will still play a prominent role if you’re applying to transfer as a rising sophomore. Depending on how you do in CC applying as a rising junior could produce better results since schools will have 1.5 years of your college stats to review and your HS performance will take a back seat.

I’d skip Stanford and Princeton: they take very few transfers and those they do skew non-traditional.

Your reaches will be reaches with acceptances in the very low double and single digits. Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Cornell (possibly ND) are the more transfer friendly of that group. Also be aware some schools favor CC applicants and some do not. You should add more safeties and matches to your list and, depending on the state where you’re attending CC, check any articulation agreements between your CC and schools of interest.

Make sure you check the transfer admissions requirements at each school. For example UF requires a minimum of 60 credits (90 if you’re on the quarter system), you apply to a specific major (which also affects how competitive the application process is since some will have more limited spaces available and you need to confirm any major specific requirements/pre-requisites) and there’s a foreign language requirement. In addition, schools may or may not count your HS dual enrollment credits towards the college credit minimums so you’ll need confirm that on a per school basis as well.

Also confirm the standardized testing requirement. Many schools made SAT/ACT scores optional for Fall 21 and 22 transfers but you may need scores for Fall 23 and later.


You’ve received great advice from @vpa2019 in this thread and your other one.

Agree. UF requires a test score, Georgetown requires reporting of all test scores, and other schools on your list strongly prefer them (Mich). What are your test scores?

I agree spending two years in CC and getting good grades will benefit you in that your HS record won’t be nearly as important in the admissions decision (you should note in your post that the 3.99 college GPA is projected).

Can you address your decision to attend CC this fall? Were you accepted/denied from any of the schools on this list this year?

What is your budget per year of college? Have you run the NPCs at these schools and they look affordable?


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