Chance Me for Transferring to Ivies!

College GPA: 4.0
HS GPA: 3.6 UW (School didn’t offer AP courses)
ACT: 31 (Will retake in February, expecting a 33)
TOEFL: 114
International Student
Computer Science Major
ECs: President of Computer Science Club, Created my own automatic ramen cooker, Couple programming side projects, Won 2nd Place in Hackathon with Club, Studying other programming languages on the side.
Pretty good essays (reviewed by CollegeVine)

Applying to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, UChicago, UMich, UPenn. (I’m still working on a list of safeties and matches. Please suggest some if you can!)

Just to be clear: do you want to transfer as an international student already attending college in your country? Or will you be applying as a first-year student?

As an international student attending community college in California

I don’t think a retake of the ACTs would be considered since you are already a college student. I know nothing about your creations but area they patented or sold? I don’t like to discourage anybody and you may have a good shot at the schools you’ve listed but hey are very difficult schools to get into. If your products have gotten traction that might be a help.

Have you analyzed your choices statistically? Some do not appear welcoming toward transfer applicants. Princeton, for example, recently accepted a scant ~1% of those who applied. I’m not sure how applications to schools with thresholds in this vicinity would serve your interests.

I chose Harvard Princeton Yale cause they’re need blind.

The California UC’s and Cal States are also need-blind but they however do not meet need.

What is your community college GPA? How many units have you completed?

What about Georgia Tech? Didn’t you receive a transfer offer there?

4.0 GPA, 37 units but probably only 27 units will transfer cause i had to take remedial classes freshman year

Their final grade deadline is June 1st, but my schools finals week is on the 11th, so i cant meet the deadline. I contacted them about it and they said there was nothing they could do :frowning:

How much financial aid do you need? What can you afford to pay?

I’d say about 40,000 a year, maybe 50 tops. I know schools like Columbia are close to 80K a year, which is just ridiculous.

“I’d say about 40,000 a year, maybe 50 tops”

I will interpret this as what you can afford to spend.

I am not particularly familiar with the schools in California (we live in the opposite corner of the US). However, my impression is that the CSU’s are in this range.

Have you run the NPC on the schools on your list that meet full need for international students?

In terms of safeties, I think that you need to be concerned about affordability as well as getting accepted.

It’s next to impossible to transfer to an Ivy. You can look at their web pages with transfer admit stats. Successful kids will be stellar, including some significant EC experiences. And they need a compelling reason one “needs” to transfer there. More than that they’re need blind (and not prestige.)

You need to read up on what these tippy tops look for, what they say. Not rely on some source like College Vine.

It’s hard to transfer to an Ivy and it’s hard just, in general, to get into any ivy. I think that you have a fair chance and you probably don’t need to retake your tests because honestly if I had your score, I wouldn’t even be worried. Anyway, it is possible though! My friend got into Georgetown and Brown from a community college and she’s currently studying there. You can do it! I would say though to add 2 safeties just to have a backup. Good luck!

Not sure even if you got in as a transfer that these schools will offer sufficient aid.Things are different for transfers. Check into that. And if you applied and got rejected last year, things may not be different this go round.