Chance me for Tufts ED for class of 2026

Do I have a chance for ED?


33 Composite (SS)

35 English
30 Math
34 science
34 reading


45/383 (top 12%)




Research with phds
Training EMT

Varsity Tennis (4yrs)


Founder and president of fundraising club

Events coordinator of NHS (top 15%)

President of Science honors society

Math honors society

History honors society

Teaching young kids tennis,
Trivia club

Business that’s made $7k in the past year


Very competitive public high school in the lower Hudson valley NY

White, female, Jewish

Both parents went to college and graduated


Strong and unique!

Common app essay: how i became curious ab my food allergies and want to become an allergist to help others… showed intellectual curiosity

Tufts supplement: talked about gender equality, and the specific professor i wanted to do research with. I also talked about the women run mentor ship program I’d love to be a part of

Community essay:

Talked ab the community at my ambulance core, and how i watched a man die. It taught me how important life is, and to appreciate the opportunities i have.


Research teacher: very personal and knows me very well 8/10

AP bio teacher: very personal and knows me well! 10/10


Has overcome anxiety related to my food allergies and wants to help others who have the same fear

Showed a lot of demonstrated interest. Visited campus, contacted regional admissions conselour multiple times, did summer program.

Thanks so much in advance!! I want to go to tufts so badly :slight_smile:

What is your unweighted GPA, on a 4 point scale, core courses only?

Also, it’s good you showed demonstrated interest because it likely allowed you to write better essays…but demonstrated interest is not a hook, nor is overcoming anxiety (but glad you were able to!).

I would say it would probably be close to around a 3.91…my school does not provide us with that statistic

Does Tufts track demonstrated interest?

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yes, they do

ED is the best way you can show interest.

I hope so!

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Tufts is all about wanting to take people who are going to accept them. They’re looking for high yield. So the fact that you applied ED has probably greatly increased your chances. If they defer you, keep on reaching out to them. They want to know that if they accept you, you are going to accept them.

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Pretty much all schools want high yield and low acceptance rates.


i agree :slight_smile:

Tufts is so concerned about this that the situation of a highly qualified applicant being rejected because Tufts thinks they won’t enroll there is called “Tufts Syndrome”. It’s a minor quirk for those in the know, but for students who apply there, not knowing about Tufts’ propensity to reject students they think are likely to get into more desirable schools, it comes as a very ugly surprise.

I couldn’t believe it myself, until I saw it happen to a highly qualified URM from my kid’s school, who got rejected despite being an extremely qualified applicant. Luckily, the kid did eventually get into kid’s first choice Ivy, but it was a nail-biter.

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You can say the same for most top tier institutions. Many extremely qualified students get turned down.

There is not enough room to admit every single high stat student. So of course they try to figure out who is most likely to attend.

Happens at many colleges. At the end of the day college is a business.


Conceptually yes but there are differences in the priority that each college places on yield. Some colleges (a few that like students from our school) don’t seem to mind taking a yield hit and will keep take risks on some students. You can see variability in the CDS where demonstrated interest can range from important to not considered. Yes those aren’t always completely accurate but schools clearly vary in approach.

Tufts is so extreme about yield protection that it was named after them so I think @parentologist is making an important point that students interested in Tufts need to know.

this a a partial list of colleges and how heavily they consider interest. Funny Tufts does not consider interest as heavily as they did in the past.

  • Bates College (important)
  • Boston University (important)
  • Carnegie Mellon University (important)
  • Case Western Reserve University (important)
  • Colby College (considered)
  • The George Washington University (considered)
  • Hamilton College (considered)
  • Haverford College (considered)
  • Middlebury College (considered)
  • Mount Holyoke College (considered)
  • New York University (considered)
  • Oberlin College (considered)
  • Rice University (considered)
  • Skidmore College (important)
  • Tufts University (considered)
  • Villanova University (considered)
  • Wake Forest University (considered)
  • Washington and Lee University (considered)
  • Washington University in St. Louis (considered)
  • Wellesley College (considered)
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As we near the Jan 1 deadline, I want to see the list of the ones who DON’T care about demonstrated interest. :joy:

I swear they are really trying to drive me crazy…about 2 weeks left and I just want to know so I can move on.