Chance me for tufts ed2 (international student)

Hello everybody!

Hope you all are doing well. It would be really wonderful if you could chance me for Tufts University ED2 as an international student.

Intended Major: Economics with a minor in CS

Demographics: Male, Asian (International Student)

Scores: Cambridge A-levels(Economics, Business Studies, Computer Science, Mathematics: A* A* A* B) (I have 2 C’s and 5 B’s in my transcript in total.)

Duolingo: 140+

While converting my grades to GPA I get around 3.9 but I don’t think it works like that at universities so let that be.

SAT: Optional

Rank: 20(Best highschool in the nation)

Classes: Took the most rigorous classes available

So I think my ECs are pretty good but it’d be really good to know if they are good enough to cover the B’s and C’s in my transcript.


  1. Research: Couple of published research in Economics, got paper reviewed by the former Senior Economist at the World Bank, work with a team of graduates from the LSE.
  2. Issued A-levels Econ, CS, and Mathematics Revision Guides available nationwide.
  3. Developed a nationwide online learning platform in a team of 4 and sold my sudoku solver app for $250.
  4. Startup to recycle and sell unused products online (first of its kind in nation); Revenue: $800.
  5. Community Service: Taught English and Maths to 150 K-5 underprivileged students. Donated fund, computers, and stationeries to their school.
  6. President: Organized Interschool event, raised $3000, had more than 250 participants.
  7. Yougest Leader at an Intl Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (MIT Sloan), led my team to Top-4 of 150 business ideas, led a program on product devt. (200+ people)
  8. Modified and maintained school website, prepared a library database system, created GUI apps and websites (25+)
  9. 3rd of 60 people in Indian Intl MUN, raised $500 for interschool MUN, mentored new debate club members.
  10. Lead guitarist in annual school reunion concert; Performed at National Academy x5; Played at cultural shows, talent shows, and assemblies (30+ times)


  1. Published Economics journal in a National News Portal.
  2. Winner of National Poem Composition Competition (350 participants).
  3. In the starting 11 of the school cricket team for International School Cricket Premier League-2018.
  4. 20+ Econ and CS course completion certificates from Coursera.
  5. Finalist at the National Olympics Quiz.

Essays: I’ve asked few of my friends to score my essays and all of them have said they’re 8/10. An essay reviewing service too said that my essays engage the reader and keep them at the edge of their seats until the very last sentence. So yeah: 8/10

LORs: 8/10

Thank you so much!

Your class standing (presumably from within a proportionately large graduating class) and your string of three A*s in your A-levels will help you cross the academic threshold for consideration at Tufts, and your ECs show involvement and achievement. For these reasons, and others, you appear to have a realistic chance of acceptance, although admission to Tufts in general is highly competitive, as you would know.

As with anyone applying to a highly selective school, make sure your back-ups have been thoroughly researched. Based on your academic interests, these analyses may help:

Note that Tufts represents an excellent choice for economics, but appears lower in its category than it otherwise would because these rankings have not been normalized for department size.

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You have a shot. You meet all parameters to make it past first cut.
Now, since you’re international, the next criterion is going to be: how much can your parents afford? :frowning:
Harsh, sad truth:
Your odds increase the closer your are to full pay and decrease in the opposite proportion the less they can afford. Amounts that are huge in most countries (10K) are miniscule in the US college budget.

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Thank you so much!
I will make sure to check out the links you’ve provided.

Thank you so much!
My parents can afford about 25k USD a year.
I just hope that it is good enough to get me an acceptance :slight_smile: