Chance me for Tufts EDII? International Applicant

SAT : 1460 (EBRW - 720, Math - 740)
ECs : Paid internship - python and computer vision, machine learning with a defense contractor (CEO was a former DRDO scientist, IISc alum, published multiple ML papers), quizzing, organizing and heading events at school, content creation for school fests, Google Code-in top 10 rank in organization out of more than 120 in that organization (for 3 Years - 2016, 2017, 2019), individual coding projects and contests (if it counts as EC), violinist for more than 5 years and given concerts and performances at school fests (also passed junior exam long time back, haven’t been much involved lately)
GPA (UW) : ~3.6 or 3.7 (Indian curriculum, almost same level as IB/AP - 91% out of 100)
Also applying for financial aid (maybe a lot…)

you’re applying for financial aid which i believe will lower your chances.

I am also an international applicant and applied for financial aid (asked for 50-55 k$ of scholarship annually). I was rejected (applied ED1 for Fall 2021), so hope my stats will help you to estimate your chances.
SAT 1470 (EBRW 670, Math 800), GPA unweighted 11.44 out of 12.00, Toefl ibt 104. Activities: internship, volunteering, sport, debate club, class leader for 3 years and member of school government, tutoring, science club, research and publication, Chemistry and Math team and individual competitions.
If I can help with any other info, feel free to ask)