Chance me for Tufts?

So I’ve known about Tufts for a while but had never really looked at it or considered it, but now reading CC posts and other things about the school I’m really interested in it, could you guys chance me for the school though? Also if anyone has any info on how good Tufts financial aid is that would be amazing, ive found some stuff on it but a lot of it was contradictory. And I know they are need-aware, and I will be asking for aid, probably in the 30k-40k per year range so how much do you guys think that would affect my chances for admission?

Here are my stats:
So, I go to an Early college (STEM focus) so when I graduate I will have over 52-56 college credits hours completed. I am a rising senior and a white male, want to go into some engineering field and/or international relations, not sure what yet.

High School GPA- UW:3.92 W: 4.96
College GPA: 3.96

SAT I: 2150, M:670 R:800 W:680 (Single-sitting, retaking one more time)
ACT: 32, M:30 E:29 S:33 R: 34 (Single-sitting, retaking one more time)
SAT II: M2:750, Chem: 750 (idk tufts policy or average scores for sat II’s are these good? should I take anymore?)

My goal for the sat is over a 2250 and over a 720 on the math section. And on the act a 34 with at least a 32 in math. I didnt really study for these, except for a couple hours the night before, and a week before with vocab but thats it, this time I am actually going to study a couple months in advance so I can get better scores.

AP’s: (only took a few because my school only offers literally 5 because in our junior and senior years we take all college classes on campus. The school is so small our curriculum is chosen for us and we don’t get to pick any of our classes until senior year, the only choice we have is if we choose to go the biomed track or engineering track, im engineering)
AP Lang-3
(AP Scholar with Honor)

-vp of NHS (11,12) (will run for president next year)
-captain of the quiz bowl team (10,11,12) (Came 4th in the state in a competition)
-team leader for the 2015 rwdc (11,12)(National aeronautical design challenge) team (we won states and are moving on to nationals)
-model congress (10,12)
-national conference for community justice (10) (it is a national thing but the individual conferences are more local)
-Varisty track and field (11,12) (Varsity Letter) (Will most likely continue with v indoor track in the winter)
-conducting independent research with the assistance of a professor and a fellow student ( going to enter my research into the siemens competition when we are done, and/or possibly try and get published) (11,12)
-over 100 hours of community service (10,11,12)
-world travel (well rounded and experienced blah blah blah)
-occasional tutoring when I’m needed (11,12)
-Participated in the Moody Mega Math challenge
-Self-employed, mowing lawns and doing yardwork

Random stuff:
-can solve a rubik’s cube sub 30 seconds
-read a lot
-play chess a lot, considered creating a chess club but not enough interest
-try to exercise 3-5 times a week not including track practice
-learning to program
-know how to use autocad as well as manual drafting

Senior Year:
-As part of our schools curriculum in our senior year we are supposed to have internships, so hopefully I will have one at a reputable engineering company
-Also I plan to become president of NHS next year, senior class president, start a debate club with my friend, and am applying to another organization to do more community service
-Plus I expect to have pretty good essays and interviews for schools that want them and probably really good recommendations

I really like Tufts because it is good at both engineering and amazing at IR, there arent too many schools like that, plus from everything ive read it sounds like I would love the atmosphere and the people that go there. Thanks for any replies and comments on things I can do to improve my chances

Also if anybody currently attending or has graduated from Tufts would like to comment what their most favorite and least favorite were/are about the school that would be a huge help in the my decision process!


Chancing is very difficult. Your stats are in the ball park, certainly. I’d take a look at the Tufts admissions’ website. There is some good information there, and even some sample essays.

That being said, Tufts clearly looks at “fit”. I’d say that if you are very motivated to go there, that you should consider early decision. I’d also recommend working long and hard at essays which are not only spot on, but which reflect who you are.

If you bring up your test scores just a bit and write awesome essays, you have a solid shot. I don’t know how much needing FA affects your application, but I’m getting a 45k a year Tufts grant and another few thousand dollars in loans and work study, so they definitely have decent FA.

If you bring up your test scores just a bit and write awesome essays, you have a solid shot. I don’t know how much needing FA affects your application, but I’m getting a 45k a year Tufts grant and another few thousand dollars in loans and work study, so they definitely have decent FA.

Check with your regional Admissions Counselor about how/if they accept your college credits - some schools do not, some only allow them to fulfill requirements, but not count toward credits. State schools tend to be more friendly about transferring in credits. It will be important to understand how Tufts looks at this before applying - otherwise how this is reflected in your application may imply that you haven’t done enough research on the school. Tufts is big on demonstrated interest and your ability to articulate “why Tufts?”.

My other recommendation would be to not knock yourself out trying to start new things in your senior year, unless it is something you really want to do for yourself. Incremental increase in responsibility within things you are already involved in is good to see on your college ap, but starting a club in junior or senior year just looks like application padding unless it is a natural extension of your interests. Do it for yourself if it is what you want to do, but you list it above as if it will help strengthen your ap. It wont. Do what you love, keep your grades up and have fun senior year.

Im not really doing them for application padding, although that is an additional benefit of it. NHS and SGA I have wanted to be the president of for a while but just either did think I had the time (NHS) or the votes (SGA), and as for debate I love debating, me and my friend argue and debate all the time, sometimes about important issues and sometimes not so much, so I think starting the club would be a constructive outlet for that

You definitely have a lot solid GPA and because Tufts looks at how rigorous your schedule is compared to your school curriculum I would say that you are set academically. I could even tell you that when I applied almost two years ago I had no AP classes since my school didnt offer any but I took as many honors courses as I could and I still got in. Your test scores could definitely use a boost but if you get into the 2200 range you should definitely be a competitive applicant. You have excellent extracurriculars so I think you are good with those and because Tufts heavily considers the essays for admissions, make sure that those are stellar. Overall I would say that you are a competitive applicant and best of luck on your applications