Chance me for Tulane, Umiami, UCSB, University of Florida, UW-Madison, UIUC, Ohio State

Gpa: 97 W, prob 92-93 uw
I’ve taken 15 honors classes and 5 APs
Sat: 1420
I go to a very competitive private school in New Jersey
We do not rank
I have a four year varsity letter for wrestling
I’m apart of 4 clubs which include model UN, environment club, DECA business club, and newspaper which I don’t hold leadership in but I’ve shown commitment too
I work with a program that mentors handicapped kids
I have 100 community service hours
All of these are EA for the schools that have it
My essay was pretty good, and my rec will be good but nothing special
My intended major is psychology

Oh and for Tulane I demonstrated interest by actually taking a campus visit all the way from New Jersey and I did write the why Tulane essay


In terms of scores, For University of Miami I’d say you’re a little above the 50th percentile, so you have a solid chance, for Tulane you’re probably right in the 50th percentiles, so your odds are okay, and University of Florida you’re above their average for testing and score stuff, so you have a good chance.

Your scores are good for all of those places, but your activities list and community service hours are a little low, so how that fares for certain schools is hard to say. My friend just got into Tulane (ED-ing) with a worse GPA than yours, better test scores, and a slightly worse list of activities/involvement/community service, so who knows? I’d say your chances for Tulane are pretty solid, at least. Hard to speak for the other ones.

The UC’s do not provide funding for non-residents including athletes.
Can your parents afford $65K per year for UCSB?