Chance me for UC Berkeley and UCLA !

<p>Intended Major: German Studies
Ethnicity: Korean
GPA: 4.1(weighted), 4.0(unweighted)
ACT: 32(E:29, M:35, R:31, S:33) E/W combined : 25
SAT II: Math IIC 800, Korean with listening 800
AP: None taken, since I came to America last year, as a junior</p>

<p>In-state, permanent resident</p>

<p>Senior Schedule: Calculus BC AP, Chemistry 2 AP, Economics AP, American Government, Chinese 2, English 4, Physics B AP.</p>

<p>45 hours of internship at Korean Consulate General in Los Angeles,
40 hours of Math tutoring(got paid)
Foreign exchange to Germany for 3 weeks(without any expense, supported by the German government)
132 hours of volunteer hours at church(recycling, free math tutoring)</p>

<p>pretty strong personal statements,</p>

<p>Thanks for chancing me for UCB and UCLA!</p>