Chance me for UC/Cal State

I’m applying for cal poly pomona, san diego state, san marcos, and fullerton for cal states. For UCs im applying to santa cruz and davis. I have a 3.0 weighted but i go to a very competitive high school so my gpa is bad but not as bad as if it came from another school. My sat is WR:690 CR:710 M:600 I also took AP Spanish, AP Compsci, AP Euro, AP Physics1, and APUSH during my sophomore and junior year. extra curricular wise i had a major leadership position in a club and did an internship relating to my intended major/career. Im also colombian so idk if it helps being a minority.

The schools will take into account the competitiveness of your HS and HS course rigor, but the UC’s are very GPA focused so they still expect good grades overall even in a competitive environment. You have good SAT scores which indicates you are a capable applicant. Having good EC’s and personal insight essays will definitely help your chances at the UC’s.

Freshman Admits for UC GPA of 3.0-3.39:

UCM: 42%
UCR: 25%
UCSC: 10%
UCI: 4%
UCD: 3%

I think the UCD and UCSC will still be a Reach and ethnicity/race are not considered in the UC or Cal state admission decisions.
Any SAT subject tests? Intended Major?

For the Cal states, they use an eligibility index to rank applicants by major.
Your eligibility index calculates out to 3710. (CSU/UC GPA x800) + (SAT Math + CR)

Cal Poly and CSU Fullerton are a Match-High Match depending upon major.
SDSU is a Reach
San Marcos a Safety.

I think you need to add UC Riverside and UC Merced to your list along with a few more Cal states: San Jose State, Chico State, SFSU?

Good Luck.

I intend to be a history major and i got a 800 on the sat 2 for us history

CSU’s do not consider SAT subject tests for their admission decisions but it may help for the UC’s. I still think your GPA will still be the deal breaker for the UC’s. Like I stated before, add a few more schools to your list.

I have been told by admissions insiders that GPA is recalculated and CA publics use UW GPA in admissions decisions as a way too combat grade inflation. If your 3.0 is weighted then I think your GPA is hurting your chances. I believe you have chance at Fullerton and San Marcos, but all the others will be tough admits

@Gumbymom dont mean to steal this thread, but has there been any freshmen accepted to any of the low to mid tier UCs with a 3.0/average test scores?

@AuroraHD: Sent you a PM. I do not want discuss your question on another posters thread.

Update: I ended up not applying to csuf and I added UCR to the UC’s I applied to.
UCR, CPP, San Marcos