Chance Me for UC Riverside (OOS) (More info)

Applied for Biology Major (Impacted) and an alternate major to Chemistry (Not Impacted iirc). For UC:R I was told they consider both majors if you aren’t able to get into your first selection (please correct me if I’m wrong).

UCW GPA Freshman ~ 3.46
UCW GPA Sophomore ~ 3.80
UCW GPA Junior ~ 3.67
UCW GPA Senior (1st sem) ~ 4.0 (Not reported)

Moderate EC’s.

Medium-Good Essays. Not too grammatically gifted but I highlighted Passion, Diversity, Leadership, and Schools Skills in the different PIQs.

SAT: Not reported due to them being test blind

AP Human Geo (10th grade): Got a B; AP score not reported on application
AP Chemistry (11th grade): Got a C first semester, A the second semester, but the A wasn’t reported due to my school using Credit/No Credit scores. Received a 4 on the AP Exam which I DID report.
IB Biology HL (11th grade): Predicted grade of 5 (B)
IB Biology HL (12th grade): Predicted grade of 6 (A) also not reported since it’s senior year.
AP Physics (12th grade): 1st semester grade of a B.

Residency: Out of State (OOS)

  • I plan to pay full tuition

I did one of these before but I just wanted to add a little bit more info, and also because the UC campuses have seen an increase in applicants this term (~250k) compared to the usual (~200k). Since they’re test-blind too, there’s not much to go off of. So hopefully this is considered in the chancing.



UC’s use unweighted, capped weighted and fully weighted UC GPA in their admission decisions. Yes, UCR will consider an alternate major if you are not admitted into your first choice.

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