Chance me for UCB UCLA and UCSD??

Ignore the typos- trying to finish my homework

In state cali resident
White male
Hope to major in biology (i hear this isnt that competitive at UCB, so will this mean I might get in more easily than someone who applies in a more competitive major?)
uw gpa: 4.0
w gpa: 4.41
UC gpa capped: 4.30

Sat: 700 math 750 reading 780 writing
Subject Tests: 800 Biology 760 chem

Taken every ap and honors course available at my school EXCEPT honors algebra 2 in sophomore year (Schedule conflict, I was unable to take it)

Mock trial- four years team captain for past 2 years
California scholarship federation
Summer internship at buck institute for research on aging
Summer internship at lawrence berkeley national lab
Principal first trumpet at a UNR sponsored summer music camp (would this be an award or ec?)
taught basic computer programming skills to middle school students summer in between freshman and sophomore year
mountain bike team
various community college classes
Marin youth symphony first trumpet
Planning on entering bay area science fair
volunteer at local environmental agency for past year doing minor lab work, paperwork, menial field work etc
(Trying to focus my ec’s around science, not for college admissions but because I actually enjoy doing them)

pretty rigorous schedule if you disregard that I was unable to take honors algebra 2 in sophomore year (question: is there any way to let colleges know that I was unable to take that course, so that they know I wanted to take it?)

Appreciate any responses, thanks guys

I should mention that my teaching gig was through a local summer camp, they hired me but I didn’t establish the program on my own

UCB- Match/High Match
UCLA- Match/High Match
UCSD- Match

thank you @quiteaverage90 anything you can suggest to improve my chances?

My kid rides in NorCal NICA as well and plays trumpet in his school’s jazz band. I have probably seen you ride and, perhaps heard you perform. Very cool ECs…

You have an outstanding record so far are a very strong candidate for all the UCs. Truth be told, kids with your stats are rejected by all 3 of these schools every year. Nobody has these schools locked down - take your time on your essays and apply a little more broadly. Send an ap to Davis and Irvine. Think about a few privates like USC, Santa Clara and USD. All 3 may offer merit aid that would make it worth your while. If you want a smaller school, one of the Claremont schools is also worth a look.

More open doors is better.

Good luck with your applications and your race season.

Appreciate it @NCalRent. Definitely excited to start the race season!

Your stats are good but make sure you add more schools just in case.

Thank you @DrGoogle

Hi just wondering how your internship at Buck institute was. Can’t find too many reviews on it