Chance me for UChicago ED

Hey all,
Rising senior here interested in Econ/Finance/Business. Interested in seeing some opinions on my chance for UChicago ED.


Chinese Male, NC, small charter school, no hooks

Intended Major(s):



ACT: 34 (30M, 36E, 36S, 35R)

SAT: Didn’t take

UW/W GPA and Rank:

UW: 4.0

School doesn’t rank

Coursework: AP/IB/Dual Enrollment classes, AP/IB scores, etc

School caps AP enrollment. I’ve taken the most allowed, which is APES sophomore year, currently in AP Lang and APUSH. Senior year I am taking AP Bio, Calc AB, Psych, Macroecon and auditing Stat.


State champ in golf (not good enough to get recruited)

Extracurriculars: Include leadership & summer activities

  1. Dual-enrolled through competitive math and science school in my state. Unique courses not found at many high schools, the ones I’ve taken so far are Data Science and Cryptography.
  2. Founder and President of DECA chapter at high school. Didn’t do many activities due to covid. (11)
  3. Co-pres. of finance-based club at high school. (10-11)
  4. Summer program through above-mentioned math and science school. 3 week long biomedical engineering course, completed research paper on covid-related topic (summer before 11)
  5. 2-week program working with 3 other students in my state to provide a business solution to the NC science and engineering fair. Pitched our idea to board members and directors of the fair. (11)
  6. Tutoring w/ local nonprofit. Nonprofit is an established part of the community, and mostly serves underprivileged youth. (10-11)
  7. Soccer Refereeing w/ local club (8th-11)
  8. Chick-Fil-A job (summer before 11th and summer before 12th)
  9. JV/Varsity Soccer (9-11) 5 days/week
  10. Golf (9-11) 2-3 days/week


Essay: Will spend a lot of time on these, but obv can’t judge my strengths here.

LOR: Math teacher, had for 2 years (9-10) and worked on service projects together. Second: AP Lang teacher, knows me decently well.

Chicago is a reach for the best. So it’s a reach. 5%? You might consult your counselor on going Test Optional. I would personally not submit a 30 math ACT especially when you want to study Econ. You will get into a great college nonetheless. Never fall in love with one.

Good luck.

If you had to estimate your class rank, would you be in the top 5%? The colleges can usually figure out your estimated rank even if the school doesn’t provide it.

Note that Chicago does not have a finance major. The closest thing would be Business Economics. Your best chance is via binding ED1. Your grades and rigor looks fine.

Definitely top 5%, and yes I was planning on Business Econ for UChicago.

Can’t you just retake the ACT math section? With the whole summer ahead of you, how hard really would it be to get to a 34 or 35? For a prospective econ major - especially at Chicago - I think you’d want to clear that hurdle.

U Chicago is a tough admit, I think as an ORM that math score could be a problem for you, especially as you are not on a particularly advanced math track at your school. Top 5% of the class is great, but I repeat, U Chicago is a very tough admit.

Congrats on your record so far, and best of luck!