Chance Me for UCLA and UCB

I’m in my second year at a community college and I want to transfer into UCLA Bus Econ or UCB Haas. But I’m also applying to UCD managerial econ and UCI Business
Currently I have a 3.9 ( all As except one B in philosophy )but I might be finishing all my prereqs with a 3.7/3.8 because of calc , 300 hours of community service , interned for my city in sr. year of HS, I also have a couple of recognition awards from the city/assembly/senate for my volunteer work
Anything I can do to improve my chances? Thanks!

Do you have any business-related ECs? I know that they’re not required at all, but I think it wouldn’t hurt to have one or two.
I think a rising senior with the same stats as you would definitely have a solid chance, but transfers are a different kind of beast (one that I’m unfamiliar with), so I’m not sure the same judgement would apply to you necessarily.

What do your test scores look like?

Chance me back? :slight_smile: