Chance me for UCLA/ Cal/ USC?

<p>I'll try to keep this as short and sweet as possible:</p>

<p>Location: California
Background: Asian Male
Income: < 30k, one parent unemployed
Hooks: First generation</p>

Full IB schedule
Weighted: 4.52
Unweighted: 3.80
UC: 4.12
Test scores: ACT: 32-33 (took it in Oct. and am waiting for scores to come back. I currently have a 31) USH - 790, IB Math SL - 6, IB Econ - 5</p>

Key Club - 4 years - VP, delegate at state conferences, and helped found a Builder's Club at a middle school where I advise and attend their meetings</p>

<p>Natural Resource Management - 2 years - I did hands on research on a local body of water where I can chemical tests and determined the health of it. I lead my study.</p>

<p>Vietnamese Culture Club - 4 years - We fundraised, did work at local events, and helped spread the awareness of our culture. I was a senior leader for two years.</p>

<p>Student Government - 1 year - Elected to Clubs Committee and head of Fundraising Committee. I oversee funds at school and all student activities. </p>

I had a job that I worked from 7-10th grade where I worked about 12-15 hours a week and 22-25 during summer weeks. I worked at my mother's business to help with bills and whatnot. </p>

<p>Community Service:
400+ hours and I've taught students at Vietnamese school</p>

I did make mention of my job at my mom's business taking away from my time for other ECs.</p>