chance me for ucla/sdsu/usc?

i apologize for the lack of grammar since i am typing this on my phone but…
i have a final weighted GPA of about 4.4, have taken all honors and AP courses since freshman year, with a mix of A’s/B’s freshman/sophomore year with one D for a semester sophomore year in honors algebra 2. junior year i have all A’s with 3 AP classes and can manage all A’s for senior year. i have 3 leadership positions, 2 long term jobs for reference, about 3-4 clubs which i have had heavy involvement in (only ones i have been passionate about long term), NHS, plenty of volunteer hours, 2 sports for both fresh/soph year, worked in a children’s hospital last summer as an internship and am hoping to go pre-med or early childhood ed but not totally sure yet. i am very friendly and close with my teachers so i think i can get some excellent reccomendations as well. writing is my strength and i think i can do very well in my essays. i got a 33 ACT score. please let me know!

For UCLA and SDSU, you need to calculate your Capped weighted UC GPA which only uses 10-11th grades in the a-g course requirements. You only get the extra honors points if in-state CA for UC approved Honors, AP/IB or DE classes taken 10-11th.

Did you retake the Honors algebra 2 course and which semester did you get the D in 1st or 2nd semester?

What is your Unweighted GPA 9-11th for USC?

Intended major?