Chance me for UCLA, UCSD, UCB Neurobiology/Neuroscience

I posted this three times on Reddit and didn’t get any responses. I would really appreciate some help!
Here are my statistics:

Ethnicity: White (although I’m Iranian)- California resident from low-income family

GPA unweighted: 3.96, UC GPA: 4.39 (99% sure I’m eligible for local context)

ACT: 35 Overall- 36 Reading, 33 Math, 35 English, 34 Science, 8 on writing

SAT subject tests: Math II- 800

APs and scores: 5s on Calc BC, AB, and Physics C: Mechanics, 4s on Euro, US History, and Chemistry. A’s on all of them in class.

Honors: Humanities, American Literature (5 point scale), world history, precalculus, chemistry

I’m taking AP gov, AP stats, AP bio, and AP Lit rn

ECs/Awards: verified public library volunteer for over 100 hours, Red Cross volunteer with over 10 hours of community service, YLHC executive and healthcare PSA competition second place competitor, founded eSports club on campus and is its current secretary, helped organize several tournaments and have created a community of nearly over one-hundred members upon first year of creation. Honor roll two years back to back. AP Scholar with distinction. I’ve also helped contribute to the community by volunteering in Key Club for around one year, doing a few events here and there. I interned for two different electrical engineering companies in Iran for about a week. I’m also an active member of the Student Senate.

I’d appreciate any tips on what to work on and other schools to look out for.

As for what my essays will turn out like, I have a strong feeling that I can end up writing them very well, personally. I really enjoy writing and I think I can do it well.

Also I’m not 100% sure if I calculated my UC gpa right—it could be higher than what is already. I know that at the very minimum it should be at least a 4.39, however.

Thank you!