Chance me for UCLA


SAT I: 2130 (650 CR. 800 M. 680 W)
SAT II: 800 Math2. 760 Biology
GPA: 4.0 in freshmen, sophomore, and until now in junior. All A’s.
EC: NHS. Helping Hands. Captain of soccer team in my school. Play rowing in local club. Epic COD gamer (haha)

Chance me please.

Your chances are probably pretty good. Is this your UC GPA? If it is, it’s a little low, but if it’s just your regular unweighted GPA, it should be fine. Your SAT score is pretty good too. You have good extracirriculars, so you have as good a shot as anyone.

Good luck!

Impossible to predict your chances because:

  1. You have not finished junior year, the most important
  2. No background information about your race, connections, intended major, etc.
  3. UW GPA? W GPA? Class rank? UC GPA?
  4. Essays?
  1. I'm Caucasian, Muslim. And I have no connections with UCLA. Intended major is Pre-Med.
  2. UW GPA is 4.0. Top 1 in my class.

Your SAT is low for that school unless you attend a local area high school in the neighborhood of UCLA and your school has an agreement for residents. UCLA doesn’t have a Pre-med major: