Chance me for UCONN Engineering

<p>Freshman year: 1 honors class, the rest regular classes GPA (UW): 3.85
Sophomore year: 4 honors classes GPA (UW): 3.69
Junior year: 3 honors, and 1 ap class GPA (UW): 3.40 (the reason my gpa dropped so low was due to personal reasons ; stress from school, and family, family conflict with relatives. i was also bullied for a really long time and went through a pretty rough time in middle school, and honestly, those experiences were really traumatizing. things happened my junior year that reminded me of it, causing me to become very anxious and extremely self deprecating)</p>

<p>to make up for junior year and to "redeem myself", I'm taking four AP's next year (one of them being part of UCONN's ECE program) and 1 honors. I hope to get all A's.</p>

<li>I'm black (Haitian)</li>
<li>First generation in America and first generation to college to college (however, my mom has an associates)</li>
<li>ACT; 23 SAT; 1590 (i didn't study for any of these because I lacked motivation, like i said in my explanation above, but I'm retaking the ACT in the beginning of my senior year and I'M GOING TO STUDY HARRRDD b/c I know I can get a really high score</li>

<p>Volunteering and Community Service (almost 500 volunteer hours)
- Volunteer for this nature center where I live (not currently)
- Volunteer for local hospital
- Intern/Volunteer for this animal rescue/exhibit
- Student Ambassador for my school
- Tutor/student helper for this learning center at my school (for science classes, more specifically, biomed)
- Member for RSPACEE (go to local elementary school and teach them a science oriented curriculum)</p>

- Violinist for 3 years (not currently)
- Pathfinder club (6 years and still going)
- Member of Salsa Club for a year
- Member of Media Innovators club for a year
- Member of Mini-Medical Club currently
- Member of Bollywood Club currently</p>

<p>Academic Achievements and Awards
- Math Department Award from my school for excelling in Geometry
- NSLC-NGY (NetGeneration Youth) Engineering Scholarship: Participated in a 10-day Engineering session at UMD
- Inducted into the SNHS and NHS
- Junior Book Awards held at my school: Received an honorary award from UCONN that honors a student who demonstrates high academic achievements</p>

-Sophomore Class Secretary
- Secretary of the Youth Department of my church for a year
- Staff Member of the Adventurers' club currently</p>

<p>I'm also CPR certified</p>

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