Chance me for UConn? UDub? UNC?

<p>Here are my stats!
(Bio Major)</p>

GPA: 3.6UW 4.0 W
SAT: 2020 Single composite (700 M 700 W 620 R)
SAT II: Math 2 710, Bio E 680, Korean W/ Listening 740.
2090 Super Score (760 M 710 W 620 R)
Took 9 AP Classes/tests. Passed all tests but 1.
EC: A lot of volunteering for various things. 3 Years of track and field.</p>

<p>College (this is where i start to worry): California CC
GPA: 3.12 from 17 Units
13 Units in progress all with A's so far (so if I do get all A's, it brings me up to 3.52)
EC:Unpaid Internship at a hospital, along with volunteering at a different hospital.
Essay: I think it was decent. My sister who was an english major at UC Berkeley said it was good. It was long though...
Recs: Good-Great.</p>

<p>Thanks for your time!</p>

<p>I would say you have a good chance at UConn and Udub. UNC will be harder if you're out of state, but I can still see you getting in!</p>

<p>Why would you pay full OOS tuition to go to UDub or UConn (UNC-CH will give OOS students FA if they qualify) rather than attending a UC?</p>