Chance me for UCs, Georgetown, Chicago, NWstern

<p>Here are the barebones
GPA UW: 3.5ish
GPA W: 4.3 ish
GPA UC: 3.95</p>

<p>SAT Regular: 2230, 1520 (m+v)
SAT Superscore: 2380, 1570</p>

<p>SAT2: 750 Bio, 760 lit 800 IIC math</p>

<p>EC: I have other stuff, but these are my main ones</p>

<p>VERY actively involved in national circuit LD debate; extremely dedicated to the task and its effects</p>

<p>found an institute in my town to teach kids how to debate</p>

<p>Helps poor kids at a local elementary school academically</p>

UPenn (yah right, i know)</p>

<p>You've probably already heard this, but you're in at Chicago as long as your essays are strong and unique. I'd also say that you're in at Georgetown and Northwestern.</p>


10 characters</p>

<p>Those 2 schools, pay attention to your volunteer hours and the number of a-g taken in high school not SAT and GPA.</p>

<p>I don't know if you are in at Chicago. Chicago is for a very specific person and it is extremely rigorous. It was also ranked 9th by US News.</p>

<p>Bring Up My Post</p>

<p>It would be a lot easier to rate your chances at the UCs if we knew whether or not you are a California resident.</p>

<p>The only hard ones are probably NW, Georgetown, and Upenn. Just write exceptional essays, and you're in UChic for sure. Good luck</p>

<p>Oh Yah, I'm a Californian.</p>

<p>Arghh, bump 'cause I'm greedy</p>

<p>UCB n LA decent chance. UCD n SD in.</p>