Chance me for UCs/Stanford/USC/CAL POLY SLO

<p>Sex: Female
Race: Asian Indian
American Citizen
California Resident</p>

<p>High School: Public, very new (5th year now)
GPA: 4.4 weighted 4.0 unweighted
Rank: top 1%
SAT: 2210</p>

<p>High School Courses:
Spanish I
English I Accelerated
World History Acc</p>

Spanish II
English II Acc
AP European History
Algebra II/Trigonometry Acc
Digital Photography 1A/1B</p>

Spanish III
AP Chemsitry
AP English Language and Composition
AP United States History
Honors Pre-Calculus
Digital Photography Advanced</p>

AP Physics
AP Literature and Composition
AP Government/ Macroeconomics
AP Calculus BC
AP Psychology</p>

Frosh Soph (9th)
JV 10th and 11th</p>

<p>Track and Field
JV (9th)
Varsity (10th-12th)</p>

Key Club (Me and My Friends started it in my sophomore year)
Vice President (10th and 11th)
Treasurer (12th)</p>

Recording Secretary (11th and 12th)</p>

<p>WASC (Western Association of Schools & Colleges)
Since my school is new, they pick a team of students, teachers, and parents to get my school accredited</p>

<p>Went to Spain for 2 weeks and studied Spanish in the University of Malaga</p>


<p>About 300 hours of volunteer service with
Habitat for Humanity, HOBY (picked as an ambassador my sophomore year and pick to be a junior counselor my junior year), local library, Harvest Food Back, Child Abuse Prevention, Rose Float Decorating, Laura's House, and some others</p>

<p>Award and Honors:
• Heart and Hustle award (Basketball) - 9th
• 4.0 GPA while playing a sport (Basketball/Track and Field)– 9th/10th/11th
• Athlete of the Meet PCL vs. Beckman Meet 2009 – 9th<br>
• Varsity Letter for Track and Field- 10th
• Scholar Athlete for Track and Field – 11th
• Highest GPA on JV Girls Basketball 2011 – 11th
• Highest GPA on Track and Field – 11th
• AP Scholar
• Honor Roll: Principle’s and Superintendent’s Honor Roll throughout high school
• Hugh O’Brian Leadership: Selected to be one of the SJHHS ambassadors in 10th<br>
grade and selected to be a Junior Counselor (JC) for 11th grade
• President’s Service Award</p>

<p>what's your intended major?</p>

<p>And when you say UCs, do you mean all of them? As in UCR, UCM too ?</p>

<p>I plan on majoring in computer engineering and I would hope that UCR and UCM are safety schools for me at this point but I'm mainly interested in my chances at CAL and LA. I reposted these stats because previously I had predicted that my SAT I scores would fall into the 2000-2150 range but I got a higher score and I wanted to see how it would effect my chances :)</p>

<p>I'd say you have everything as likely's expect Stanford. That is usually a crapshoot, so it's somewhat unpredictable to chance you because of that. That said, your resume is somewhat weak. You have decent test scores, and average extracurriculars. I wish you the best of luck though; I plan on applying there as well. Hopefully Stanford 2016 for the both of us!</p>

<p>Bump :) I would really like some feed back</p>

<p>Yeah... Stanford is a long shot... but that's the one "dream university" I'm applying to :) 2011 Application Process NO REGRETS :)</p>

<p>BUMP... Come on guys</p>

<p>Sorry for the late post... :( But here's my evaluation:</p>

<p>You are Asian-Indian, which can contribute to the diversity at those schools so that's a plus. You have a high SAT score but no subject tests... (You'll have a better chance with subject tests. So try taking them! It'll help you greatly!) Oh and also, you should apply as an athlete to one of the colleges. That'll help you even more since you seem to be a talented sports person. :) Overall, for the California Universities, you have a fair chance but for Stanford... idk. It's pretty unpredictable.</p>