Chance me for UCs, USC, and Cal States

Chance me for UCs, USC, and Cal States
California Resident, Indian Male
9-12 GPA: 3.35, 3.98
10-12 GPA: 3.44, 4.15
UC GPA: 3.83
SAT: 1540
SAT Subject: 800 SAT Math 2
EC: Job at strategic digital transformation and technology services company that provides high-value consulting services and solutions in the areas of Cloud Computing, Big Data, ML/AI, and API management (Started working this summer, and am planning on continuing throughout senior year. Volunteered at a STEM academy for 2 Summers (100+ Hours), Eagle Scout, Chemistry Internship at USC for 2 summers Where we worked on trying to find a good way to produce ethanol as a reliable fuel source, 100+ hours from other volunteer groups like GobbleGobbleGive and BrownBagBrigade over the last 4 years, KCA (Kannada Cultural Associaton) Youth Committee President for one year, have been a member all 4 years, Sangeetha(Indian classical cultural music) for 8 years, Piano CM 8 for 3 years, Marching band Sousaphone section leader, Early College Program at my school helps me graduate with Associates Degree right out of highschool, using 60 college credits, but only applicable to UCs and Cal States. Letters of Rec: Varsity Letter from Band, APUSH and English 3H teacher, Possibly USC Instructor.
Thinking about applying as either Comp Sci/Data Sci, or Buisness (Maybe). Also, if I get rejected from UCLA (which I will lol), how much does band appeal raise my chances with a sousaphone.

your GPA is going to make USC and most of the UCs a reach. UCR and UCM would be your best shots. As for Cal States, anything but CPSLO is on the table. SDSU and CSLUB are good options.

good luck

SJSU will probably be a reach for CS. Past thresholds are at . Calculate your CSU eligibility index as GPA * 800 + SATRW + SATM, where GPA is the UC recalculated weighted capped GPA.

Your GPA makes those schools a reach, but I would advise that you explain how your extracurriculars have transformed you because they are super strong. Also, the difference between your Weighted GPA and Unweighted GPA will help.